Love, Death And Robots Explained & Film Analysis

Not so long ago, the streaming service Netflix presented the 3nd season of the animated film Love, Death + Robots. Even after the release in 2019 of the first part of the anime Love, death and robots, the meaning of the series caused fierce controversy. Some were delighted with what they saw. Others – severely criticized, but indifferent, in any case, was not. The meaning of the ending series, a summary

The second season, like the first, left a lot of questions. An in-depth analysis of the series will help to understand them.

Brief summary of the series Love, death and robots

The animated series is an almanac consisting of short episodes. The first season consists of 18 episodes lasting from 6 to 17 minutes. To understand what is the meaning of the series Love, death and robots, you need to remember the plot of the most significant short stories.

Three robots

Three robots arrive in an extinct city. While walking, they meet a cat, from whom they learn that the reason for the death of mankind is the discovery of genetic engineering, aimed at developing a thumb in cats, which led to an animal uprising. Using technology in the war with cats that broke out, people destroyed themselves.


The girl accidentally becomes a witness to the murder of a woman who is like two drops like herself and runs away with fear. The killer tries to catch up with her, but he himself becomes a victim of the girl. The episode ends with the heroine seeing the dead man in the window.

When yogurt took over the world

Yoghurt, which has gained intelligence thanks to scientists, offers people a way out of the crisis, and after their refusal, seizes power.

Behind the Eagle’s Rift

The spaceship with the astronauts is hijacked by an arachnid creature. Having succumbed to hypnosis by the monster and having fallen into an illusory reality, people remain forever in space.

Interesting! To get a passionate and sexy scene in the episode where the characters make love, scanned facial expressions of various actors were used.

good hunting

Chinese youth Liang, whose father was a werewolf hunter, becomes an inventor. A young man helps Yang survive, whose mother was a werefox killed by his father.


It was decided to liquidate the city dump. Dave, who lives in this territory, not wanting to leave his house, sets his pet on the inspector, who turned out to be a garbage monster.

Winter Blue

Famous artist Zima turns out to be a robot built by a girl to clean the pool. Having discovered its origin, the robot returns to its original purpose.

blind spot

The cyborgs attack the convoy in order to capture the microchip. Only a newcomer remains alive, who learns from the coordinator that only the mechanical bodies of his comrades-in-arms died, and their minds are loaded onto a hard drive.

ice Age

From the ice micro-mammoth, which ended up in the freezer of the refrigerator, the development of an ancient civilization begins. Having reached the peak of development, civilization disappears, and the cycle begins anew.

Historical alternatives

Shows six options for the development of history, subject to the death of Hitler in childhood.

The number of episodes in season 2 of Love, Death and Robots is much less – 8, but the meaning of most of the plots is as meaningful as in the first part.

Automated customer service

The robot vacuum cleaner goes out of control and tries to kill the mistress.


Among the modified people there is one ordinary teenager, Sage, who dreams of being like his brothers. Therefore, Sage goes along with everyone to the ice, where his brother saves him from death.

Star Team

People have become immortal, but due to overpopulation, women are forbidden to give birth. However, some are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of having a child.

High grass

A man, leaving the train for a smoke break, finds himself in a field where monsters are hiding in the tall grass.


The rescue bunker in which the pilot of the wrecked ship is trying to hide turns out to be a death trap.

drowned giant

Locals find the body of a giant man on the shore. People don’t care about the giant’s life or the cause of his death. Having pulled the corpse apart, they lose interest in it.

Plot Explanation

After watching short films with different plots and characters, it seems that there is no logical relationship between them. But in fact, in the series Love, Death and Robots, the meaning of all episodes is the same, since the stories complement each other.

Interesting! Teams and studios from around the world worked on the almanac, and it took more than 10 years to develop the series.

Even in the shortest episodes of the anthology “Love, death and robots” there is a deep meaning that gives food for thought.

The authors of the project, in addition to the topics indicated in the title of the series, also raised other problems:

  • friendship;
  • war and peace;
  • technology development;
  • space;
  • cruelty.

The creators of the novels are trying to understand such global problems as ecology, racism, the essence and inner qualities of a person.

A lot of food for thought leaves an episode of the series “Love, Death and Robots” called “Witness”, the meaning of which is to show the cyclical nature of what is happening. The same is observed in the “Ice Age”, where the history of the development of civilization goes cycle after cycle.

An important social meaning is contained in the seemingly satirical story of a yogurt who became president in one of the short stories about love, death and robots. The authors showed how often the prosperity of mankind is hindered by the ambitions of officials who care only about their own benefits.

The same meaning can be traced in the story of the garbage dump, shown in one of the tapes of the 1st season of “Love, death and robots.”

All these stories do not present humanity in a very positive light, and it is difficult to overestimate the spiritual and political topicality of the novels.

What is the essence of the ending

The final scenes of some episodes are quite predictable and leave no questions. As an example, one of the short stories about love, death and robots is Ice, the meaning of which comes down to showing the importance of human qualities. And understanding of this comes through the actions and views of the characters, conveying much more than any words.

One of the best final episodes of the anthology “Love, Death and Robots” can be called a short film about a drowned giant, endowed with a deep philosophical meaning.

The inevitability of death, skillfully woven into the plot of the film, evokes sad thoughts. And the scenes where people take apart the giant’s body to pieces, cause chills.

Despite the shocking ending of the story about the giant, the last episode of “Love, Death and Robots” makes you want to watch it again in order to better understand the meaning of what is shown.

An unusual experiment in creating short films with different style, manner and content turned out to be quite successful. When watching any of the episodes of Love, Death and Robots, the viewer is overwhelmed by various emotions that make one think about the hidden meaning of what is shown on the screen.

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