LOKI Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The series about the god of deceit Loki completely changed the Marvel Universe, freeing parallel timelines. Surely, in the future, other temporal anomalies await the audience, which will change the usual understanding of the cinematic universe.

Timeline branches create black holes, inside of which are alternate worlds. At the beginning of the sixth series, we were shown at least two such universes: the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with all the events known to us, and a parallel world, where Loki is located.

We also hear the famous song by Harry James and Helen Forrest It’s Been A Long Long Time, dedicated to the end of World War II. In the MCU, she is associated with the very first avenger – Captain America. We first heard it in Rogers’ apartment in The Other War. And then, of course, in the film “Avengers: Endgame” during the dance of Peggy Carter and Steve from the future. This beginning of the sixth series may hint that the sacred timeline is a branch that extends precisely from this dance. After all, the Captain who stayed with Peggy in the past definitely had to start a new timeline. Well, the fact that he lived to old age with a ring on his hand (a scene from “Avengers: Endgame”) suggests that he was not caught by the hunters of the Office of Temporal Change (UVI). It is in this timeline in the 31st century AD that the current Keeper of Time, who controls all events, will be born. And it was this only true version of events that Doctor Strange most likely saw in Infinity War.

According to the comic (Avengers #8, September 1964), Kang’s name is Nathaniel Richards. He was born in the 31st century and is considered a descendant of the great geniuses Reed Richards (creator of the Fantastic Four) and Victor von Doom (supervillain, sworn enemy of the Four). Nathaniel himself does not have superpowers, but he has a genius intellect. Once he had a time machine at his disposal. Traveling into the future and the past, Nathaniel lived on the same timeline for separate sections of time. That is, in different eras there were different age versions of Kang. But somehow they turned out to be absolutely independent and often were at enmity with each other.

In the sixth series, we learn that the original Kang, who lived, like Nathaniel, in the 31st century, did not acquire a time machine, but discovered parallel universes and found a way to establish contact with them. There were other versions of Kang in them that started a war between the worlds. The winner in this war was the One who remained. To prevent a repeat of the multiverse conflict, he sealed all the timelines and launched them in a certain direction – the sacred one – in which there is no place for other Kangs. Then he created the UVI to control his plan.

Kang’s words that he is tired and wants to retire are most likely true. He chose Loki and Sylvia as his successors as the most fortunate and “paved” their way to his castle. According to him, he deliberately led the heroes along this path in order to make them the best version of himself with the help of all sorts of tests.

Sylvia does not believe Kang, and Loki tries to convince her. But Sylvia decides to finish what she started, sends Loki to the TVA office, and kills Kang herself, thereby launching the multiverse chaos. By the way, Kang’s last words (“See you soon”) refer to his return in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania (announced for 2023). Moreover, judging by the way the camera dived from larger objects to smaller objects at the beginning of the series, it seems that Kang’s castle is in a quantum dimension, which is why his return is expected in Quantum Mania.

After killing Kang, we see how the sacred timeline begins to delaminate chaotically. And Loki in the UVI office meets Mobius and B-15, who no longer recognize him. There, he notices instead of the statues of the Keepers of Time, the statue of Kang the Conqueror, which means he ended up in an alternative universe. Perhaps he retained his memories precisely because at the time of the “rewriting” of events he was in Kang’s castle, in another universe.

What will happen next? We learn from the new series. After all, the creators of Loki made it clear that the second season is worth the wait!

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