Meaning of Lift – Poets of the Fall

The composition “Lift” was released as the second single from the album “Signs of Life”, which became the debut and, as it turned out, a very successful record of the Finnish band Poets of the Fall. The popularity of the song was facilitated by the collaboration of the band with Futuremark, a well-known software manufacturer. But more about that later, but first about the history of the track.

Its author Marco Saaresto told how he composed the work:

I wrote “Lift” with our guitarist Ollie [Олли Тукиайнен]. First came the melody and chords. Then, when I listened to the tape, I myself was surprised at what gibberish I put into it. The verses were stream of consciousness, and I polished and detailed them much later. Words about the complex confusion of problems in personal relationships, and this is not easy to convey to the listener.

In September 2004, the single “Lift” was released in Finland, where it peaked at number eight on the chart.

The video clip for “Lift” was directed by Stobe Harju, who himself offered his services to the band:

I heard their song “Lift” on the radio and called their agent. He set up a meeting with Marco and I was surprised when he said that they would like to make a video for “Lift”. We had a couple of hours of brainstorming together, and I wrote a version of the script that ended up being the final idea. I only met the rest of the group on the day of filming. Since then, I have enjoyed working with Marco, Ollie, the Captain and the rest of the guys.

Let’s see what happened:

Interesting Facts

  • There is a link to the dance version of the song in a secret place on POTF’s official website. It is available only to registered users, and the password is specified on the booklet of the single.
  • And now about the aforementioned connection of composition with computer software. The group’s producer, Markus Kaarlonen, worked for the Finnish company Futuremark. Apparently, thanks to his connections, the song was used in an advertisement for 3DMark-05 performance testing software. The video has been downloaded from the Futuremark official website several million times.

Lyrics of Lift“Lift” lyricsTimes when I just can’t bring myself to say it loud
Afraid what I’ll say comes out somehow awry
That is when it seems we move in circles day to day
Twist the drama of the play to get us by
And it feels like fear
Like I’ll disappear
Gets so hard to steer, yet I go on
Do we need debate
When it seems too late
Like I bleed but wait like nothing’s wrong
Afraid that my words will sound wrong
That’s when it seems to me that we go around in circles day after day,
Avoiding drama to move on
And it’s like fear
Like I can disappear
And it’s so hard to go but I don’t stop
Do we need to argue
When it seems it’s too late
It’s like I’m bleeding but I’m waiting like it’s alright Chorus:
You lift my spirit, take me higher, make me fly
Touch the moon up in the sky, when you are mine
You lift me higher, take my spirit, make it fly
Where all new wonders will appear
You lift me up, lift me up, make me fly
When you are mine, I can touch the moon in the sky
You lift me up, lift me up, make me fly
Where ever new wonders will take place (Take me higher, make me fly, moon up in the sky) Like the other day, I thought you won’t be coming back
I came to realize my lackluster dreams
And among the schemes and all the tricks we try to play
Only dreams will hold their sway and defy
I realized how dim my dreams are
And among the tricks and tricks that we tried to go
Only dreams will have power over us, no matter what

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