It Chapter Two: Ending Explained & Plot Summary

“It Chapter Two” is the main premiere of the fall and such an expected continuation of the magnificent “It” is already in full swing in cinemas, evoking diametrically opposite emotions from those who watched. Someone says that the film is too clichéd and obvious, while others are happy with the return of their favorite characters and just enjoy a good picture. We definitely advise you to go to the movies and form your own opinion, but for those who have already seen (be careful, spoilers!) Below we will tell you why “It 2” is good, but only half. Go.

Briefly about the plot

27 years after the events of the first film, the unknown “It” again makes itself felt. On this occasion, already grown-up “Losers” return to Derry to see the case through.

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What’s wrong with the plot

Judging by the short synopsis, the plot seems to be not so bad. This is also hinted at in the first scene: cruel and unpredictable. Then we get to know the grown-up Losers, and what is happening on the screen fascinates us more and more – the heroes meet, joke and argue. Everything is like in the old days. The plot goes smoothly and thoughtfully exactly until the moment when the characters are separated in search of artifacts and “It 2” begins to exactly copy “It”. Seriously. While watching the wandering of the main characters in the places of former glory, every now and then there is a feeling that we have already seen it. You don’t have to write about the ending – it almost completely copies the ending of the first film, with the exception of the addition of a “key” ritual, which has never influenced anything.

stills from the movie "It 2"

What’s wrong with the heroes

If in the first film the whole story was centered around the main, positive and not so, characters. In the second, these same characters become just a background for the convenient development (copying) of the story. Simply put, during the entire main action, the heroes do not reveal themselves and do not change, they are just adults who do their best to resemble children.

stills from the movie "It 2"


If we talk about the soundtrack and the visual component of “It 2”, then they are all right. The picture is nice and tidy, as much as you would expect from a horror movie. Color grading and scenery for individual scenes, depending on what is happening on the screen, justify the budget.

stills from the movie "It 2"

What about screamers

Waiting for the next screamer is the only thing that keeps the interest while watching the second half of the film. Seriously. Almost the entire film is a set of “scarecrows” for every taste, which peep out so often that over time they begin to make people laugh with their predictability and absurdity. We already wrote that all the Losers are the background to the main action. But not only. Almost all scenes of “It Chapter 2” are focused on the stage-by-stage construction of screamers, the background for which (after all, they cannot happen by themselves) are any actions of the main characters.

stills from the movie "It 2"

As a result, the overall feeling of suspense tends to zero. The film scares, scares and scares, not noticing that we are not afraid.

Pros of It Chapter 2

Despite the endless abundance of screamer, copying of the plot of the first part and the lack of development of the main characters, the film has four obvious advantages that are worth mentioning.

stills from the movie "It 2"

First, there are many interesting references, both to other horror films and to the works of King himself. For example, the famous phrase “Here’s Johnny!”, Which was heard during the flooding of Beverly in the toilet, managed to combine both the first and the second.

stills from the movie "It 2"

Secondly, this is still a film about friendship, love and duty, as well as about what friends are capable of to save each other.

stills from the movie "It 2"

Thirdly, an unexpected scene with the participation of Stephen King himself, And if in earlier films King’s cameos were, to put it mildly, not very (perhaps because the writer produced most of these films himself). Then in “It 2” the cameo turned out not only to the point, but also very memorable.

And finally, fourth. It Chapter 2 is an adaptation of the second part of It, the Return of the Losers’ Club, which, like the first part, is too significant to remain on paper or in the form of an old television series.

stills from the movie "It 2"

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