Into the Labyrinth Meaning Movie & Film Analysis

The thriller Into the Labyrinth forces the viewer to assemble a complex director’s puzzle throughout the film. Only at the end does the viewer realize how futile the previous efforts were. What is the meaning of the film Into the Labyrinth? If you have not yet been able to solve the puzzle of Donato Corrisi, the article will help you do it. the meaning of the film, summary, ending

Into the Labyrinth Plot Summary

The thriller Into the Labyrinth, the meaning of which becomes clear only at the end, has a complex, mixed, confused plot. We will try to sort out the events taking place in the film as much as possible.

The picture shows 2 storylines in parallel:

  • Missing 15 years ago, Samantha Andretti has been found. A search is underway for the maniac who held her.
  • Examination of Samantha by Dr. Green.

Case handled by Bruno Gengo

The police are looking for an anonymous person who reported the location of Samantha Andretti. Detective Bruno Genco, who is soon to die from a heart infection, takes over the case.

An anonymous found by Bruno reported that he saw a rabbit with eyes burning with hearts next to the girl’s body.

In the Bureau of the Missing, Genco finds information about Robin Basso, who once went missing for 3 days. After that, his parents gave him to a shelter, in the garden of which the boy buried rabbits alive. At the orphanage, an elderly woman showed Bruno Robin’s evil comics about Bunny the rabbit. Then the guest hit the detective on the head and locked him in the basement. Upstairs the woman was talking to Bunny.

On a note! The content and meaning of the film Into the Labyrinth Donato Corrisi took from his own book, which became the third part of the series “Mila Vazquez”. Judging by the number of questions left unanswered by the author, the continuation of the series will not be long in coming.

After escaping from captivity, Genco is convinced that the culprit is Robin Basso. The detective learns about the disappearance of an employee of the archive of the missing – Mila Vazquez.

At home, a man finds his prostitute girlfriend murdered. In the bathroom lies the dentist Peter Lai with his stomach cut. He knows the killer – this is his gardener with a birthmark on his face.

Bruno learns from the sacristan of the church that he, too, was once locked up in a black box. The gardener with the birthmark turned out to be Paul Macchinski. And Robin Basso is his employer, the dentist Peter Lai.

Basso-Lai rushes to Samantha’s room with a bloodied stomach to steal her again. The police arrest the criminal.

Restorative psychotherapy

Samantha’s attending physician helps her to rehabilitate herself and remember the events that took place during the period of imprisonment. The girl is connected to droppers with medicinal preparations. Dr. Green manages to find out the following:

  • Sam was in a maze.
  • To get food, drink, clothes, hygiene products, the girl had to go through the levels of the game on a special cube.

Closer to the truth

Sam leaves the room – in front of her is a labyrinth. Behind the door is a police dummy. The only room nearby is Dr. Green’s office with a lot of video equipment.

The girl guesses that she is not Samantha Andretti. The real Samantha was found a year ago, just as Mila Vasquez went missing.

The heroine hits the fake doctor and runs through the maze. Having escaped to freedom, she walks through the snow in an unknown direction.

Into the Labyrinth Explanation

Now let’s get down to explaining the meaning of the 2019 thriller Into the Labyrinth.

Toward the end, it becomes clear to the viewer that Dr. Green is not a doctor at all, but the girl who communicated with him throughout the film is not Samantha Andretti. Bruno Genco never found the true experimental criminal.

Robin Basso is not the master of the labyrinth. He’s just a pawn – one of those whom Bunny stole and then manipulated.

The main villain is Dr. Green. He stole and made “children of darkness” the sacristan Bunny, Robin Basso, Samantha Andretti, Mila Vasquez.

It is interesting! To the question “Why a rabbit?” the director himself gave an exhaustive answer. Donato Corrisi disliked the red-eyed rabbit from Alice in Wonderland from childhood. The Italian has always associated him with horror films – hence the original design of the appearance of the hero-villain.

What is the meaning of the bullying of the villain from the movie Into the Labyrinth? His goal was not to kill. Dr. Green, with the help of introducing psychotropic drugs to experimental subjects, experimented on the consciousness of people of different ages. In the future, the psycho comforter planned to control experimental rabbits driven into darkness.

So the sacristan chose Basso for experiments. Robin, on the orders of the lord, killed the detective’s girlfriend and helped the police get on the wrong track, catch himself. Samantha, apparently, did not live up to Bunny’s expectations – for 15 years of inhuman experiences of a psychopath, she turned into a “vegetable” Mile Vasquez managed to escape a year after the start of imprisonment.

Death will come unexpectedly

In parallel with the topic of solving a crime, the film Into the Labyrinth tells about the meaning of life and the reassessment of values ​​​​before death.

Here the leading character is the detective Bruno Genco. He must die soon. That is why, because of a sense of unfulfilled duty, before his death, he takes on the previously rejected investigation into the case of the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl. Previously, the detective took only the search for credit debtors. He decides to give his money to his mistress, who gave him warmth and affection – after all, there is no one else.

Jenko constantly talks about life and death. Now the hero understands that “death must be earned.” And the most desirable thing before leaving for the next world is to return not to the happiest day of life, but to the most ordinary one – to the place where there were so many goals, aspirations and there were no sad thoughts about the inevitable death.

Death comes quickly, suddenly. Bruno did not expect his imminent verdict, and even more so the murder of a close friend. The thriller “The Girl in the Labyrinth”, the meaning of which is the suddenness of death, the value of life and its ordinary joys, makes the viewer think about the essence of being and the righteousness of their actions.

What is the essence of the ending Into the Labyrinth

What is the meaning of the ending of the film Into the Labyrinth?

The thriller ends with the escape of Mila Vasquez. How real it is and whether it is a continuation of the game of a brilliant villain, one can only guess. Or maybe this is another hallucination of a girl …

The final scene where Jenko talks to the psychopath doctor is the denouement of the “Girls in the Maze” plot and the timeline of the film’s events. Dr. Green speaks directly to the stranger detective about his love for exquisite toys, the construction of mazes. Even then, the criminal began to study another, unsuspecting, victim of his manipulations.

Donato Corrisi has created an interesting psychological puzzle with thriller elements. Those who like to collect the plot in parts and puzzle over the meaning of what they saw on the screen – welcome!

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