Interstellar Meaning Movie & Plot Summary

The Meaning Of The Film, Summary, Ending. In 2014, Christopher Nolan’s film “Interstellar” was released, the meaning of which immediately began to be analyzed not only by critics, but also by many scientists. Later, a book by Kip Thorne was released, where an explanation was given of the meaning of the scientific component of the Interstellar plot. But not everyone has a deep knowledge of physics and has time to read a book. Therefore, a detailed analysis of what is shown will help to understand what the meaning of the plot is in the film Interstellar.

Plot Summary

The structure of the picture is quite complex. To understand the meaning of Interstellar, you must first remember the content of the film.

Beginning of the End

The opening frames of the picture show the Earth in the near future. An unknown pathogen destroyed most of the vegetation, including crops. Humanity is threatened with starvation, and the lack of vegetation will lead to a reduction in oxygen concentration. The situation is exacerbated by dust storms, forcing people to wear masks.

Interesting! During the filming of the film, huge fans were used to create dust clouds, blowing synthetic dust.

To prevent the death of mankind, a secret NASA laboratory was created under the leadership of Professor Brand. The goal of research is to find a habitable planet. Since there are no such planets in the solar system, it is necessary to look for another star. From this it becomes clear what the meaning of the title is in the film Interstellar. Interstellar is translated as interstellar.

The discovery of a wormhole in space made it possible earlier to send the first expedition to another galaxy. Three of the 12 astronauts sent reported promising life planets named after explorers Mann, Edmunds and Miller.

Finding a new address

The next step was to find a way to transfer the population of the Earth to them. For this, a second expedition was created. The research team, consisting of biologist Amalia Brand, physicist Romilly, geographer Doyle, is proposed to be led by former pilot, now engaged in farming, Joseph Cooper.

Cooper has children on earth: 15-year-old son Tom and 10-year-old daughter Murph. It is in Murph’s room that a ghost periodically appears, drawing incomprehensible patterns, the meaning of which will become clear by the end of the Interstellar movie.

A ship with volunteers successfully passes through the wormhole and begins its research from the planet Miller. But the planet is flooded with water. Not all team members manage to escape, Doyle dies. The next destination is Mann.

In parallel, events on Earth are shown. In the few days that the astronauts have been in space, many years have passed on earth. Cooper’s daughter grew up and became a scientist, continuing the work of the deceased Professor Brand.

Contrary to the data received, the planet Mann is also uninhabitable. Awakened from artificial hibernation, Dr. Mann tries to seize the ship to fly to Edmunds. As a result, both Mann himself and Romill die.

Cooper and Amelia try to stabilize the ship’s movement. Their actions cause Joseph to fall into a black hole.

Conditional return

Cooper, once in five-dimensional space, sees his daughter’s room and young Murph in front of him. But the pilot does not have the opportunity to tell her the important data collected by the robot inside the black hole. Therefore, he tries to convey information by moving the hands of the clock given to his daughter before the expedition.

This gives the already adult Murph the opportunity to use the information received to solve the problem. Mission accomplished. Cooper loses consciousness, which returns to him many years later.

During this time, humanity managed to move to a station founded near Saturn, and the pilot was found in a spacesuit floating in outer space near the planet.

Cooper sees an aged daughter. Murph asks his father to go to the aid of Amalia, who is on Edmunds.

Plot Explanation

The sci-fi tape divided the fans of the picture into two camps. Some interpret the plot from the point of view of religion, others – from the point of view of science. There are those who view the film from the side of humanity.

The film touches on many scientific topics:

  • elements of quantum physics,
  • theory of relativity,
  • the probability of the existence of four and five dimensions;
  • construction of robots.

The basis of all this is knowledge. But Nolan doesn’t see knowledge as the only tool for saving humanity. Another important ingredient is love.

Faith Hope Love

According to Nolan, the meaning of the film Interstellar is the all-consuming power of love. Without love, knowledge will not bring good. Love motivates people to overcome difficulties, to sacrifice themselves.

Combining both themes, one can briefly express the meaning of the film Interstellar – love and craving for knowledge, for the unknown – good, inertia, indifference – bad.

However, some critics saw in the film Interstellar a hidden meaning associated with the religious component of the picture.

The fate of the main hero Joseph Cooper is in many ways similar to the life path of the heroes of medieval Christian legends. Having been born and having lived on earth for a certain period of time, the pilot comes to realize his vocation. This is followed by a meeting with a mentor and overcoming a series of trials. The black hole into which the hero falls is associated with the world of the dead, and the return of consciousness in the hospital is similar to resurrection.

From this we can conclude that the film is so multifaceted that it forces the viewer to get to the bottom of the matter, considering the picture from different points of view.

What is the essence of the ending

An explanation of the true meaning of Interstellar is revealed at the end of the picture. By the end, it turns out that the ghost communicating with Murph is Cooper himself, trying to transfer data to his daughter using gravity. And the appearance of a wormhole that opens the way to other galaxies is the work of people from the future, and not representatives of an overdeveloped civilization.

Thus, in the finale of the film Interstellar, the meaning of the picture comes down to the idea that the salvation of mankind is in the hands of the people themselves, who believe in themselves and the power of science. Only on the person himself depends his own future and the future of all mankind.

Any films with meaning come down to conveying to the viewer the main idea of ​​the picture. In Interstellar, this idea is global in scope. The picture clearly shows how the fate of an entire civilization depends on each person, making you think about yourself and your activities.

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