Inception Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

Inception movie ending: How to distinguish reality from dream in Nolan’s cult film? Inception is a painting by the legendary Christopher Nolan. This is a successful puzzle game that has become at the box office at the level of The Dark Knight. The meaning of the film “Inception” for the past 10 years has been a heated debate and reflection. To put an end to this issue, it is worth studying the details. And if you like playing with time, we recommend the best movies like Inception.

Plot Analysis

The main character played by Leonardo DiCaprio is Dominic Cobb. He is a professional thief who takes for his work not money with jewelry, but subconscious thoughts with valuable secrets. He knows how to penetrate the minds of people and find out the truth. Due to his unusual activities, Cobb became famous for his espionage.

However, fame brought him constant flight and loneliness. And now Dominic gets the opportunity to change his life, correct the mistakes of the past, return to the USA with his children, having completed the most difficult task in his career.

Cobb talking to the target in his sleep

This time, he must not ferret out the secrets in the mind of the target, but inject thoughts into the mind of the energy magnate Maurice Fisher. The victim is ready to meet, and knows in advance every action of Cobb. To cope with the task, the main character gathers a team of specialists.

Together they prepare a special sleeping pill to introduce a person into the three levels of sleep. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that Dominic has personal difficulties. In his dreams, he constantly sees his dead wife Mol.

Together they spent many years in dreams, creating imaginary universes, and Maul gradually stopped seeing reality. She began to think that reality was a dream and that when she jumped out of the window she would wake up. The girl did it in reality and died. And everything was done so that Cobb was accused of her death. Therefore, Dominic fled and for a long time could not meet with the children.

Dominic holds a gun in his hand

At the first level, the team kidnaps the victim, pushes her into the van. Cobb then goes inside the target’s head to plant the idea of ​​renunciation. Fisher’s subconscious calls for help from specialists capable of destroying the kidnappers.

At the second level of sleep, attackers fail. They lure the prey further. At the third level, having received what they wanted from Fisher, the team decides to return to the real world.

Team Cobb wakes up

At the end of the journey, Maul kidnaps the wounded Saito, the customer, and Cobb sets out to look for him. He runs the risk of forever remaining in limbo. However, everything goes smoothly, the customer fulfills his promise, and Cobb returns to the children.

What is the ending about?

According to the plot, the main character has a totem – a spinning top, which helps him to determine the dream and reality. In reality, the top stops after a while, but in a dream it spins forever.

Cobb completes the assigned task, and comes to the USA to visit his children. The hero launches the top. The camera smoothly and for a long time shows the same top. It does not stop, it spins until the screen goes completely blank. Did the hero return to his children or was he forever stuck in limbo?

Cobb holding his wife

In 2015, Christopher Nolan spoke to students at a Princeton school about the film’s ending. According to the author, reality for every person is a collection of dreams and abstractions. Therefore, the main character does not care whether in reality he met with the children or he dreamed all this. It doesn’t matter to Cobb whether the top stops at the end or not, because he is happy in the moment next to his children. The answer is beautiful, but blurry. Because the fans are divided into several camps.

Some people think that Cobb’s meeting with children is a dream. This is indicated by the age of the offspring, which has not changed since their last meeting with their father. In addition, they are wearing the same clothes as many years ago.

totem topPhoto:

Other fans of the film believe that the spinning top does not belong to Cobb, but to his wife Moll.

Cobb’s real totem is his wedding ring. In some scenes, if you look closely, the hero has a ring on his finger when he is in a dream. In real life, the hero does not wear it. The screenwriter does not explain how this totem works, but when he meets with children, there is no ring.

Confirmation of the theory are the words of Michael Caine. He asked the director where is the reality and where is the dream. Christopher Nolan told him that all the scenes in which the actor appears take place in reality.

So, in the finale, when the hero DiCaprio meets with children, reality is shown.

DiCaprio in different scenes Photo:

There are more arguments in favor of a happy ending to the story. So far, the author himself has not given detailed comments on his picture, so it remains to hope for the best. Regardless of the result, the ending came out interesting. Cobb overcame the guilt towards Maul and let her go. He stayed with the children, managed to achieve what he aspired to. Moreover, it does not matter whether the meeting took place for real or not.

On this, our analysis of the ending of the film “Inception” came to an end. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments.

And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!



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