Behind Her Eyes Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Behind Her Eyes The Meaning Of The Series, Plot Summary, Ending. More recently, another novelty was released on the Netfix online platform – the British mini-series Behind Her Eyes. A rather confusing plot, which is based on paranormal phenomena, does not make it possible to immediately understand the meaning of the series Behind Her Eyes. Questions appear from the first episodes, and the ending is generally shocking. A detailed review of the series will help you figure out what the series is. Behind Her Eyes, the plot was washed away.


The beginning of the plot is rather trivial. A young woman named Louise is divorced and is raising her son alone. One day, a friend invites her to a bar, where the heroine meets an attractive man. A spark runs between them, but the man suddenly runs away from the bar without offering to continue the acquaintance.

In the morning it turns out that a new acquaintance, Dr. David, is the head of the psychiatric clinic where the heroine works. Young people cannot resist feelings, a romantic relationship begins between them.

After some time, Louise finds out that David is married and even meets his wife Adele. The girl is upset, but the attraction to David outweighs remorse.

Interesting! The series is based on the novel of the same name by British writer Sarah Pinborough.

The beginning of the picture is reminiscent of classic series for women. But the further development of the plot completely changes the idea of ​​​​the genre of the film.

The doctor’s wife, Adele, becomes the central character, and with each episode, the viewer learns more and more about the past of David and his wife.

The intrigue remains until the very end. In order not to get confused in the intricacies of the plot and to understand what is the meaning of what was seen in the series Behind Her Eyes, you need to remember all the events not as the creators show, but according to the time sequence.

Past events

At the age of 18, Adele was left an orphan. Parents died in a fire, and the girl herself was saved by David in love with her.

Adele took the death of her parents hard, blaming herself for their death. Here the most interesting opens. It turns out that the girl is able to control her sleep. While she sleeps, her astral projection leaves her body to travel through space.

Adele believed that if she had been in a physical body during the fire, she could have prevented the tragedy. These thoughts brought the heroine to a nervous breakdown, and she ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Here, the girl meets a clinic patient, Rob, who is undergoing treatment for drug addiction. The young people quickly became friends. Adele tells Rob about her abilities, teaching him how to leave his body.

After rehabilitation, young people return home. Adele meets with David and is going to marry him.

Rob, visiting a friend, is amazed at her wealth. And then, having met the girl’s fiancé, he falls in love with David.

And then the young man develops an insidious plan. He suggests that Adele swap bodies for fun. The naive girl agrees and Rob, once in the body of a friend, kills his own body with Adele in it.

Rob dumps the corpse to the bottom of the well, throwing David’s watch into the same place. Returning home to David “Adel” tells that the guest died from a drug overdose. She, frightened, threw the body into the well. In addition, because of the clock, allegedly dropped by accident, David can be accused of murder.

After a while, the couple got married, but family life did not work out. The changed nature of the wife sent life to David, but divorce is impossible, since “Adele” blackmails her husband with the death of a friend.

Interesting! Actress Eve Hewson, who played Adele, is the daughter of British rock musician Paul David Hewson, known under the pseudonym Bono.

present tense

10 years have passed. The couple moves to London. But the move did not fix the situation, the marriage is bursting at the seams.

Here, David begins an affair with Louise, which “Adele” learns about during one of the astral journeys.

The heroine has a new plan. She becomes close to Louise and casually tells Louise about Rob, hinting that David could be the killer.

Louise, opposed to her lover, writes a denunciation of him. “Adele” then trains Louise in sleep management. But during one of her astral travels, Louise realizes that her friend is cheating.

“Adele” was much more cunning. She calls a friend, informing her of her decision to commit suicide.

A young woman rushes to help. When she arrives at the house, she sees a fire. To save her friend, the girl leaves her physical body by flying to Adele’s bedroom. Taking advantage of this, Rob’s astral body takes over Louise’s physical body.

When the rescuers arrive, they find Louise sitting near the burning house, on whose lap lies the dead Adele.

After some time, David marries Louise, in whose body is Rob. The couple is absolutely happy. No one suspects the substitution, except for Louise’s little son, Adam.

Plot Explanation

Due to the combination of several genres in the picture, it is difficult to immediately understand what the meaning of the series is Behind Her Eyes. The love melodrama gradually turns into a thriller with elements of mysticism.

Despite such a twisted plot, the film touches on many serious topics:

  • loneliness;
  • love;
  • self-giving and self-acceptance;
  • dependencies;
  • female friendship;
  • fidelity and happiness.

But the main topic remains the problem of mental health, associated with personal internal fears and psychological trauma.

The authors are trying to answer the question – is it possible to understand how close people actually work. Will someone want to know the truth about a loved one, understanding what consequences this can lead to. Everyone must find the answers to these questions for himself.

What is the essence of the ending

Throughout the film, the viewer is in suspense, trying to solve the mystery of the family of David and Adele. And only closer to the finale, all the puzzles of the plot are put together.

In an unpredictable, shocking ending, the events of previous episodes of Behind Her Eyes make sense. Changes in the character of Adele become clear. The body of a kind, pure girl became only a vessel for Rob.

But no matter how cruel, cynical Rob appears to the viewer, in fact he is a deeply unhappy person who is terribly afraid of loneliness. Like anyone else, he wants to be loved, to have a home, a family, to live comfortably. But he achieves all this at the expense of other, innocent people.

Like most series with a meaning, Behind Her Eyes caused a mixed reaction. Despite the fact that the ending is quite clear, the audience was left with mixed feelings. Many hope for a sequel, waiting for Rob’s exposure and fair retribution. But most likely the authors put an end to it and there will be no second season.

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