I Origins Ending Explained & Film Analysis

I Origins (2014), an amazing movie about the search for truth, is both science fiction and drama with elements of mysticism. The story of the eyes that changed the world. About science, ready to study everything hitherto unknown.

The film is addressed to fans of difficult stories. Viewing evokes a complex cocktail of emotions and reflections on the essence of things. Scientific research against incomprehensible facts, evolution or the Divine principle: what should the viewer believe? Will the protagonist, an atheist scientist, be able to maintain his convictions?

The eyes, soul, personality of each person are unique – this is an axiom. However, does this postulate really need no proof? And is it really so? The creators of the original picture invite us to form our own view on some issues of life.

Eyes as an object of science

What are the eyes: the mirror of the soul, the result of evolutionary processes, or the gift of God? Ian Gray, a microbiologist who studies the evolution of the eye, dreams of making a sensational discovery. With the successful completion of his research, it will be possible to prove the exclusively natural origin of such a wonderful organ. And to grow an eye “from scratch”, in a previously blind organism, would be just a phenomenal success.

Ian and his assistant Karen succeed in the impossible. How can you not feel your greatness here?

Do not tease the Almighty

Competition with God is a dangerous temptation. The main character, like any scientist keen on his theory, feels the strength to challenge millions of believers and even the Lord himself. Ian Gray himself is ready to become a Creator, because at some point he manages to endow a previously blind being with vision. But Sophie warns Ian for a reason:

It’s dangerous to play God!

Pride is one of the seven basic vices called deadly sins. Punishment follows inevitably: Sophie’s terrible death almost deprives the hero of the desire to live.

Science is in question

Why do you want to refute God?

Ian and his assistant wife Karen manage to confirm the purely scientific theory of the evolution of the eye and thereby refute the existence of an intelligent Creator. After a while, they both begin to doubt the immutability of the proven conclusions. The little son makes the parents believe in the transmigration of souls. If you do not completely believe it, then at least think about it, take certain steps to search and study information.

A good religion was invented by the Hindus … (V.S.Vysotsky)

In Hinduism, one of the basic concepts is reincarnation. The souls of the dead return to this world in a new body. Perhaps, for the sake of this hypothesis, Gray should reconsider his scientific beliefs.

At different poles

Ian and Sophie are a pair of heroes who have diametrically opposed views. The scientist rejects the existence of an intelligent Creator in principle, and Sophie is full of blind unconditional faith. It is difficult for lovers to reach mutual understanding, but they complement each other perfectly. Sophie is sure that Ian also believes in the supernatural, only afraid to admit it. The history of the number 11 confirms this.

Secrets of number 11

Mystical properties are attributed to this number in different cultures. India and Babylon, occultism and numerology give the number 11 a special meaning, both negative and positive. Chaos and blind power, doubled energy and craving for perfection – all these characteristics are applicable to the number 11. It can suggest that a person is on the right path, and can warn of danger. In Western culture, one of the meanings is divine love.

The hero of the film is accompanied by the number 11 everywhere:

  • date of purchase of the lottery ticket: 11/11/06, time – 11:11:11;
  • purchase amount: 11, 11, is regarded by Ian as a lucky number;
  • bus # 11 brings Gray to a huge banner with Sophie;
  • at the age of 11, Sophie leaves Argentina and moves to Paris;
  • 11 steps of evolution: from the simplest eye to the most complex – the human eye.

Testing of the Indian girl Salomina includes 25 questions and ends with a result of 44%. And 44 percent of twenty-five is also 11.

The many-sided director

The basis of the Christian doctrine is the sacred dogma of the Holy Trinity: God is one in three persons. The Hindu god Krishna has many faces and many incarnations.

The director of the film, Mike Cahill, tried on the role of God in the film crew: he also embodied the scriptwriter, producer and even editor in his person. The parallels are obvious: Cahill’s superpowers allow him to successfully cope with all tasks at once, and the director on the set is always a wise Father, a great Creator and the infallible Lord God at the same time.

Ambiguous name

An unusual name can have several interpretations.

  1. Mike Cahill announced the creation of a film called “I”, in which the action will develop 20 years later. But due to some complications, it was decided to release the backstory first. The prequel was called “I am the beginning.”
  2. Divine beginning of the initial moment of being. In the Gospel, the Beginning is the Lord Himself, the Creator of life.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty. (Bible, Revelation of John the Divine, 1: 8)

3. One of the main gods in Hinduism – Krishna, is considered the original form of God: supreme, absolute, all-attractive. 4. The original name I Origins from English can be translated as “origin, beginning, origins.” The plot of the film touches upon the questions of the origin of life, the origins of the soul.

Each of the options has a right to exist. Or, the name deliberately contains many meanings at once. The director is happy to provide the viewer with the opportunity to choose their own version.

They come back

After the credits, a short final scene is shown: Dr. Simmons launches eye scans of famous people of the past century to identify their counterparts living in the 21st century.

If reincarnation is a still unexplored area of ​​knowledge, there is a possibility that the geniuses of science, art, as well as the great villains of the past live among us. John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Lenin, Hitler – hundreds of personalities who left a deep mark on history. Who knows to whom their immortal souls have moved and how such a return will respond to humanity …

I Origins: Meaning of the movie

Faith and knowledge are not mutually exclusive. What seems today mysticism or miracle, tomorrow may turn out to be a branch of science that does not cause surprise.

A true scientist, faced with an inexplicable phenomenon, must be ready to reconsider his beliefs, to direct the vector of research in the opposite direction. Or simply believe that higher powers exist. Regardless of the level of development of science.

And still:

All people on Earth have unique eyes, each of us sees the world around us in his own way.

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  1. Wendy

    I have had past life flashes that have clarified events or relationships in this life. I was fortunate to have been born into a family that accepted reincarnation as a rarely recognised, but real and necessary, part of our lives and our personal evolution.