I Am Mother Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

Meaning of the movie I Am Mother (2018): explanation of the plot & ending. Many thought about how humanity will recover after the apocalypse. The film I Am Mother may be one of the possible scenarios. To determine the meaning of the film I Am Mother you need to familiarize yourself with its plot.

Description of the story

According to the scenario, a robot is engaged in the process of restoring life on the destroyed planet. People prepared 65,000 human embryos for this occasion. They began to grow after receiving a signal about the end of civilization.


  • Humanity is destroyed.
  • The earth is contaminated, toxic, uninhabitable.
  • Robot – “Mother”, brings up a girl – “Daughter”.
  • They are in a safe haven.
  • The goal is to revive the human race, to populate the surface of the earth.

At the very beginning of the film, it can be seen that the Mother teaches her Daughter the basics of human philosophy. Namely, that the common good is above the personal. If for the sake of several people one must perish, then so be it. During the training, the Daughter asks questions that cause the computer logic to fail and make the Mother think. What if society is useless, and one person is much more valuable? Based on this, the robot – Mother comes to the conclusion that the current girl is the best version of the representative of the human race. This is exactly what Mother wanted.

One day, a woman enters the shelter and lays some doubt for the Daughter about the veracity of the Mother’s words. Over time, it becomes known that the Daughter is not the first attempt by a robot to create an ideal person. The mother created children, but they did not justify her hopes, and she destroyed them. Everything that she considered erroneous, she burned in the furnace. It was there that the current daughter found the remains of the previous one.

The woman tells the Daughter that there are living people in the mines, they intend to leave the bunker and go there. Despite the Mother’s obstacle, both heroines leave the shelter and set off on their journey.

The people in the mines are fiction, the woman lied to her Daughter just as much as her Mother. She invites her to stay and live with her. The day before, the girl passed another test and exceeded the expectations of the robot, for which she decided to make a gift in the form of a brother. The daughter decided to return to her brother’s shelter and raise him. The plot of the film I Am Mother has a major unexpected twist, which is at the end.

Ending and hidden meaning

The mother turns out to be not just a robot, but an artificial intelligence (AI) that destroyed all of humanity and controls not only herself, but the entire shelter, the drones outside that injured the woman. Mother exists everywhere at the same time, it is impossible to hide from her.

AI was created in order to improve humanity, but in the course of its activities, he found out that the main cause of all ills is the person himself. He himself polluted the planet and destroyed it. After that, experiments began, Mother cleaned the atmosphere, planted plants, raised children in complexes underground.

Interesting! The meaning of the film I Am Mother is not only in considering the apocalypse, but also directly affects the relationship of children with their parents. Is it the mother who gave birth? Or the one who raised?

So, how did the movie I Am Mother end?

The daughter returned to her newborn brother. The mother revealed the whole truth to her, after which the girl convinced the robot that she was worthy of becoming the first person on earth. The mother withdraws herself, she allows the girl to pull the trigger and shoot herself. After that, artificial intelligence moves into another robot and comes to the woman to kill. Now the main task of the Daughter is to revive, to educate the next generation under the careful supervision of the Mother.

In the film, one can note such topics for reflection as life after the end of the world, the relationship of parents, and people in general, humanity – topics that are relevant at any time.

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