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At first glance, it may seem that the meaning of the Take Me to Church video by Hozier is completely unrelated to the lyrics of the song. But if you listen more closely to the text or read the translation, I’m sure that the connection between the lyrics and the video will become noticeable. Together with you, I will try to figure out what is the meaning of the Hozier – Take Me to Church video, why the song is dedicated to a woman, and the video demonstrates homosexual relationships, why the reference to Russia was needed, and what was still in the mysterious box.

Hozier - Take Me to Church Clip Meaning

The connection between the lyrics and the meaning of the Take Me to Church video

The text of the song Take Me to Church is built on one key metaphor – the beloved of the lyrical hero is identified with God, and the vocabulary used clearly points to the Christian god: the Heavens (heaven), amen (amen), actually church (church). But there are also pagan references: if I’m a pagan of a good times, my lover’s sunlight In general, the comparison of love with the worship of God in literature and art is not uncommon. But in combination with the video sequence, it becomes obvious that Hozier is arguing with religion, in any case, with the church.

The text is literally permeated with sexuality: she tells me “worship in the bedroom”, there’s no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin (there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin), etc. Hozier contrasts sexuality , love between two people – love of god, religion and church. As we know from the words of the performer himself, he does not favor the Catholic Church. And Hozier eloquently expressed his rejection in the lyrics of the song.

The connection between the lyrics and the meaning of the Hozier - Take Me to Church video

Now let’s leave the lyrics and turn to the video sequence. The content is clear in general terms – a homosexual couple whose homophobic neighbors found out about their love is being persecuted. How does this relate to the text about love (for a woman!) and religion? And the connection is very direct. All the same sexuality (in the text – the love of a male hero for a woman, in the video – the love of two men) is persecuted by society (in the text, the opposing force is the church, in the video – other members of society, the neighbors of the heroes). Touching and passionate scenes of love – and the gloomy horror that homophobes carry with them, armed with Molotov cocktails. All this echoes the text, and the general idea expressed by both the song and the video is the freedom of a person to love the one he has chosen, in the form in which both like it. And does not matter, if the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is condemned by the church, and the love of two men causes rejection by other residents of the city. In fact, both scenarios are just particular cases of the conflict between the feelings of lovers and the harsh reality, in whom or in whatever it is embodied.

What does the reference to Russia in the Take Me to Church video mean?

What does the Russian reference in the Take Me to Church video mean?

While homosexual relationships and marriages are beginning to be recognized in an increasing number of states, Russia is surprising the whole world with a surge of homophobia, the adoption of obsolete laws and more frequent cases of aggression against homosexuals. Hozier himself called the situation in Russia in this regard “nightmare”, and it is not surprising that the heroes of the video watch a report from a gay parade on TV in Russia. Of course, this should not be taken as a reproach towards our country – rather, it is a sign of support for those who live in such difficult conditions, because the heroes of the Take Me to Church video are in exactly the same situation of misunderstanding and rejection as the homosexual community in Russia.

What is the hero of the video Take Me to Church hiding in the box

What is the hero of the Take Me to Church video hiding in the box?

At the beginning of the Take Me to Church video, we see one of the characters burying a small box or chest in the ground. In the end, an aggressive mob finds and burns the box, despite the hero’s protests. Many viewers would really like to know what is in the mysterious box. But since the content is not shown to us, we must assume that the box is a symbol, a metaphor. On the Internet, I met opinions that the box symbolizes the fragile relationship of the characters. Having destroyed it, the homophobic neighbors literally trampled on these relations. I believe the box is a metaphor for mystery. The hero puts her in chains and buries her in the ground so that no one will know about his secret – about what is happening between him and his lover. But their secret becomes known, and the crowd deprives the couple of the most important thing in their relationship – the sacrament of what is happening between two lovers, destroys their shared memories. If you really want to have at least something in the box, then it can be, for example, a handwritten oath of allegiance to each other or some other symbolic and significant item for both heroes.

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