How the series Mothers and Daughters ended – details of the series

The series Mothers and Daughters tells the story of two women who do not have a personal life, who are in search. 19-year-old Lilia is trying to find her mother, who left her, at the same time, entrepreneur Irina is trying to find her daughter, whom she lost in her youth.

The stories echo and the women unexpectedly meet. Many say that they are very, besides, sympathy arises between them. However, no one realizes that there is a family connection between the girls. At the same time, each of them keeps its own secret. Irina seems to have had a beautiful marriage, but she feels lonely in the family. In addition, she guesses that her husband is having an affair with another. Lilya comes to the capital, tries to get a job here, starts an affair with Konstantin, who has a girlfriend Anna, and he is going to marry a successful model. As for Lilia, Irina does not hire her, but she manages to get a job as a model in a magazine.

As for Irina, she has to deal with the life of Lisa, who, with her friend, ends up in the police. At the same time, Yuri Gnezdyukov flies to Moscow in parallel, who writes plays, and is Irina’s old love. Meeting him, she tells him that after their affair she had a daughter, but she cannot find her. Yuri says that he will definitely find his daughter, raise all his connections, he is given information from the archive of the maternity hospital. In parallel, Lilia begins to look for her mother, because the neighbor Polina persuades her to start searching. They are unable to obtain information in the maternity hospital. In addition, Lilia is now out of work, after she starred for the magazine, she remained an unclaimed model.

Yuri, having seen Lilia’s drawings, offers her to become his assistant during the design of the performance. In addition, he hires a detective in parallel to find his daughter. Lilia and Polina also come to some conclusions after they start their search. Kostya falls in love with Lily more and more and leaves Anna alone in a restaurant, trying to find Lily.

Irina admits that she used Konstantin for her own purposes, she persuaded him to meet with Anna in order to contact Medvedev. Intrigues revolve around, and no one understands how the series will end. However, in the last episode, we are told that everything becomes clear. First of all, the secret is revealed, who is the mother of Lilia, she sends her a letter, and Irina becomes depressed. She believes that her daughter does not need her, although Lilia is also waiting for a call from her mother. She does not hold a grudge, she simply goes in search of her. She finds her sad on the bench, gets the opportunity to talk, share her experiences and finally understand that they are kindred spirits.

As for other acting heroes, we are shown the completion of all lines. The audience will learn that Anna is happily getting married abroad, Lisa stays with her boyfriend, but Konstantin remains on his own, as he initially chose the wrong position. Irina organizes a new agency, and her daughter becomes the manager of the old one. All waiting for a wonderful future and a pleasant life.

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