How I Met Your Mother Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“How I Met Your Mother” is one of the best series that has not lost popularity throughout all 9 seasons. He has received six Emmy Awards, “People’s and Professional Critics’ Choice Award”.

However, the viewers did not like the ending of their favorite series. They felt that the writers could not come up with a decent ending. The protagonist should have acted differently. What is the second version of your favorite sitcom, and why is it more suitable?

So today let’s talk about the alternate ending of How I Met Your Mother.

Brief retelling of the plot

The main character of the story is Ted Mosby. Throughout the series, he tells his children in 2030 amazing love stories from his past, leading them to the main theme – how he met their mother. He vividly describes the events of youth to children who empathize with their father and, at the same time, experience the scene of the last days of their mother’s life, who is dying of an incurable disease.

The main characters of the series on the poster

official ending explained

In the official ending of the series, it turns out that Tracy became the mother, whose name fans have been waiting for for 9 years of watching the series. She is dying of cancer. Ted touchingly tells the children how they met. At the same time, he admits that all this time he loved another girl – Robin.

Ted and Robin have tea

He met her at the beginning of the series, and parted out of absurdity. She married a friend of Ted, but kept in love with the main character. After interrupting their father, the children tell him to tell Robin about his feelings and be with her. The lovers must be reunited and never be separated again. Ted finds Robin, speaks of his love, she reciprocates, and the heroes begin to live together.

In this final, the audience is divided into several camps. Some are happy with Ted’s reunion with Robin, which they have been waiting for throughout the series. They sincerely want the characters to be together forever. Like all typical series, where the love line can be traced already in the first frames, such an ending is appropriate.

Ted Mosby kissing Robin

Other fans of the sitcom claim that Tracy was not supposed to appear on the show. The mother of Ted’s children was supposed to be Robin, with whom he had a love line throughout all 9 seasons.

Otherwise, Ted is presented as a hypocrite and a traitor, as he married one and loved another woman all his life.

The third fans of the series are supporters of realism. They believe that from the very first episodes, the series broke the stereotypes of thinking and building love relationships. It was about real relationships.

Ted and Robin chat in a bar with friends

Using the characters as an example, the scriptwriters showed that even good couples are destined to part. A happy ending is not always possible. The protagonist lost his beloved, the main thing is that he gained experience. It immediately becomes clear that he has a strong affection for Robin, since she fell in love with Barney and married him, he should have let her go.

At the end, the plot breaks down. The rules and regulations imposed by the series are violated. The romantic story is reborn. Ted becomes a hypocrite who, at the bedside of an ill Tracy, thought of another.

Alternate ending

Later, the creator released an alternative ending, where he showed that Tracy does not die, and everything is fine with her. This version was released on DVD, but for some reason the creators did not show it. They aired a version with Robin on TV.

Ted and Robin are sitting at the bar

The alternate vision suits the ending better. She supports the main idea of ​​the plot – love, where a happy ending is not always possible. There, Robin stays with Barney, and forgets his attachment to Ted. They become forever old friends, and laughingly recall how they tried to start a serious relationship. With Barney, she builds a family life.

Ted, in the alternative ending, once again recalls how his youth passed. He says he left Robin and Barney’s wedding early to be where he should be at the right time.

Ted and Tracy under a yellow umbrella

It was pouring rain. Frustrated, Ted looked for a long time at a lonely girl with a bright yellow umbrella. Then he decided to approach and talk to her. This scene ends the series.

It is noteworthy that there is a series “How I Met Your Dad”, which tried to repeat the success of its “namesake”. He appears in the mass of collections , well, we decided to keep up.

Why did the ending fail?

The television series has come to the end that many have been waiting for. Ted got a sweetheart, and mom, who was invisible for the whole series, brought the main characters together. The dramatic component always gave a hint that sadness is hidden behind the good.

The death of the protagonist’s wife fits in well there. However, the audience felt the deception. The resentment is due to the fact that season 9 was completely devoted to the wedding of Robin and Barbie. In the last episode, a mysterious mother appears, whom the audience has been waiting for 9 years.

Robin and Barney's wedding

It turns out that she was only needed so that Ted, who dreams of having a big family, and Robin, who is unable to give birth to a child, have a strong relationship and family. Maybe some viewers gladly accepted the story as a fairy tale and waited for such a denouement, but others were in disarray.

The charisma of the actor who played Barney made him the main character. In addition, Robin and Barney had a real passion, which can not be said about Robin and Ted. The wedding showed that the characters became adults, they understood what they want in life.

Barney kisses his wife Robin

When the writers brought them together, all personal growth began to decline. Barney, although he was able to become a father, becomes a teenager again. Robin and Ted start living together like they have no other option. Therefore, according to many viewers, the final picture was a failure.

The writers, tired of letters and verbal indignation from fans, came up with an alternative where Robin and Ted did not become a couple. However, this ending is only available on DVD.

With this, the analysis of the alternative ending of the series “How I Met Your Mother” came to an end. Do you have questions or suggestions? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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