How did the novel Misery by Stephen King end?

How a savior can easily turn into a homicidal maniac? Stephen King wrote a lot of amazing works, becoming, in many ways, one of the modern classics, which will be read by his contemporaries and future generations. However, this lover of horror and devilry has a work filled with oppressive realism. And that’s great.

Today we will analyze the ending of the novel “Misery”, so sit back, we begin!

Story of creation Misery by Stephen King

King Misery book

The novel was first published by Stephen King in 1987. The writer chose the genre of psychological horror for his work. It is no coincidence that the title of the novel. Misery is translated as suffering. In addition, one of the main characters of the work has the same name.

As soon as you learn a little more about the plot, you will no longer have questions about the appropriateness of such a parallel.

Misery by Stephen King Plot summary

The protagonist of the book is Paul Sheldon, who became famous throughout America thanks to a series of books. In his writings, he wrote about the adventures of Misery Chastain. She, as a character, is already bored with the writer, so he decided to somehow remove her from the series, and break out into the operational creative space.

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As soon as he did this, work began on another work called “Fast Cars”. The book was very different from those previously written.

After completing the work, the writer heads to his native Los Angeles. On the way through the mountain range, he gets into a snowstorm and naturally a car accident occurs.

Rescues the man Annie Wilks, who works as a local nurse. She takes care of him at her home, gives him painkillers. Her motivation is explained not only by philanthropy, but also by the worship of the writer’s creativity.

The sweet atmosphere is destroyed when Sheldon begins to notice strange changes in the girl – she often withdraws into herself, shows uncontrollable aggression.

Annie finishes her last novel and is furious at the ending. Returning after a long absence, the girl demands to burn the manuscript of the new novel, as it contains a lot of cruelty.

misery book

She then ties the man to a wheelchair, sits him down at the typewriter, and tells him to write a sequel to Misery so that she doesn’t die.

However, due to one of the attacks of rage, the writer soon loses his leg.

How did the novel end

Despite the dark and hopeless atmosphere in the novel, Stephen King still decided not to kill his main character. Yes, Sheldon will never be his former self again due to psychological trauma, but he will still save his life.

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In the final fight with Misery, he still manages to hit the woman’s head with a typewriter, and she still tries to reach for the saw with a broken head, while the main character faints. However, she died from a head injury.

On the first reading, it seems that the author will endure the realism and gloom of the narrative to the end, and some readers become disappointed after reading the finale, like the main character.

However, the worst thing is that the novel shows real life. Each of us has faced unsatisfied Wishlist and selfish desire to adjust everything for ourselves. We all have a part of Misery in us.

This concludes our analysis. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. In addition, we have prepared the following reviews for you:

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