Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Explained & Film Analysis

How did the drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God end? The series (dorama) Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, despite the rather tense first third of the last series, has quite a happy ending, in which each of the characters eventually finds their soul mate even in a new life.

The protagonist of the series is Kim Shin, an ancient demon whose curse is immortality. He is looking for the so-called bride of the demon – a girl who will see the sword in his chest and be able to pull it out, giving Kim Shin a long-awaited peace. The demon lives for almost a thousand years, managed to catch the war and take part in it, see the changing eras and get very tired of life.

Eun-tak is a young girl who lost her mother as a child. The girl is quite cheerful, a little infantile, but kind, pure and understanding. She sees ghosts and is the bride of the demon who must save Kim Shin from immortality, and he is fascinated by her and her tomfoolery.

They go a long way from strangers to lovers, going through difficult stages in relationships and lives in general.

But the love line is not the most important part of the story. “Immortal, Romantic Spell” is also a reflection on life and death, a clever play on Korean mythology associated with the other world. In addition to the demon, there is also an angel in the story who takes the souls of the dead, and he knows that Eun-tak will die at 29, almost immediately after she sees him again.

So how does the series end? Sunny, the main character’s boss, turns out to be Kim Shin’s reincarnated sister. She is in love with an angel who takes the souls of the dead and remembers things that Eun-tak has forgotten for decades.

In the final episodes of Immortal, Romantic Spell, Eun-so doesn’t remember Kim Shin, her relationship with him, his acquaintances, or her girlfriend Sunny. Now she works at a radio station. Eun-so forgot everything and even stopped seeing ghosts, but those around her inadvertently make her remember more and more about her past life and her lover, who himself does not leave attempts to help the girl remember everything.

Eun-tak at first does not trust the newly appeared Kim Shin, but over time he realizes that he begins to remember some moments associated with him, and when he starts seeing ghosts again, he remembers everything that he forgot and restores his relationship with the demon. Moreover, they marry, fooling around and thereby embarrassing and confusing the horror of the witnesses of this action.

The radio station reads a letter that arrived at the editorial office in the morning, and Eun-tak is horrified to realize that Sunny wrote it. She breaks off from her workplace and runs to the girl’s house, but does not find her on the spot – Sunny has already left, leaving her a letter in which she urged her to live on and not look for her. So Eun-so realized that all this time the girl not only took care of her, but also remembered everything. The main character is very hard going through parting with Sunny.

Eun-tak meets an angel who takes souls. The prophecy that said she would die at 29 is coming true. Angel receives a message that the kids who were supposed to die on the school bus due to the accident will be left alive, but doesn’t understand the reason. When he spots Eun-tak, he immediately knows what’s going to happen.

The girl understands that if she does not close the bus with the children with her car, then they will die, so she makes a difficult decision – she herself gets hit by a rushing car. She dies and meets Kim Shin on the other side of life and death. Eun-tak finds out that this is her first life out of four possible, so a chance to meet her lover again.
Sunny breaks up with her boyfriend and disappears in an unknown direction, and the angel learns that the last day of his work is coming and the last soul he takes belongs to Sunny.

A few years later, Kish Shin notices that Sunny and the angel have been reborn. Now he is an investigator, and she is an actress. In this life they find happiness and love.
The demon is looking forward to meeting Eun-tak, watching the development of the relationship of his loved ones. And then the day comes when he meets his beloved again. This time until death, because all conflicts and obstacles have already been eliminated.

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