Highway Star Song Meaning by Deep Purple

There is an opinion that the genre of speed metal began with this composition, which was subsequently popularized by Metallica and Motorhead. It is difficult to confirm or deny this statement, but there is no doubt that Highway Star is one of the best works of Deep Purple. It is also one of the most famous songs, ideal for listening while driving.

The history of creation and the meaning of the song Highway Star

Deep Purple fans have long known the story that Highway Star was born after a reporter asked how musicians write songs. Roger Glover remembers:

It was on a bus on the way to Portsmouth, and in those days, for the sake of advertising, we invited journalists to travel with us. And there was a journalist named Richard Green, known as “The Beast” [The Beast]. He seems to have started a conversation about how songs are written. And then the songs arose from jams. I guess it all started as a joke. Richie got out his guitar and started playing, Ian started humming something about cars, and I came up with the name because I was looking out the window and thinking: “So we are on the freeway … Freeway Star!” … Everything just fell together, and it seems , we performed it in some rudimentary form that evening.

The Quietus

The events described occurred on September 13, 1971, so this date can be considered the official birthday of Highway Star. In the evening, the band played it at the Portsmouth Guildhall and subsequently opened most of their concerts with this track.

Release and achievements

The final version of the song appeared as a result of the studio sessions in Montreux, where the musicians were working on the Machine Head record. Subsequently, the composition was included in various studio albums and collections of the best compositions of Deep Purple.

One of the characteristic features of Highway Star is Gillan’s effective vocalization, from which the song begins. Interestingly, the Deep Purple lead singer still performs this part powerfully even after decades on stage:

I try to sing as naturally as I can and don’t over-strain. Over the past ten years, I have also become incredibly pious, which was not the case in my younger years … I could scream for a long time – and still do today – but I always had a hard time getting the middle notes right. Now it comes out effortlessly. I think it’s all about the soul. My soul seems to fill other voids that arise due to age. My soul won’t let me give up.


Experts also highly appreciated Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar solo and Jon Lord’s organ part, including them in various authoritative ratings of the best musical works.

Clip Highway Star – Deep Purple

I suggest watching an online video clip for the legendary song of the cult rock band.

Interesting Facts

  • When performing the song in concert, Gillan often improvises with the lyrics.

Highway Star

Nobody gonna take my car, I’m gonna race it to the ground
Nobody gonna beat my car, it’s gonna break the speed of sound
Ooh it’s a killing machine it’s got everything
Like a drawing power big fat tires everything
I love it and I need it I bleed it
Yeah it’s a wild hurricane
Alright hold tight. I’m a highway star

Nobody gonna take my girl I’m gonna keep her to the end
Nobody gonna have my girl she stays close on every bend
Ooh she’s a killing machine she’s got everything
Like a moving mouth, body control and everything
I love her, I need her, I seed her
Yeah she turns me on
Alright hold tight I’m a highway star

Nobody gonna take my head I got speed inside my brain
Nobody gonna steal my head now that I’m on the road again
Ooh I’m in heaven again I’ve got everything
Like a moving ground, throttle control and everything
I love it, I need it, I seed it
Eight cylinders all mine
Alright hold tight I’m a highway star

Highway Star

No one will take my car, I will drive it to the end
No one can beat my car, it’s faster than sound
Oh, it’s a killing machine, it has everything:
And a powerful engine, and huge tires, and all that
She is my love, I need her, she is my blood
Yes, it’s a violent hurricane
So hold on. I am a freeway star

No one will take my girl, she will be mine until the end
Nobody gets my girl, she’s with me every turn
Oh, she’s a killer, she’s got it all
Alluring lips, great body and all that
She’s my love, I need her, she’s my seed
Yes she turns me on
So hold on. I’m a freeway star

Nobody get my head, speed is in my brain
Never steal my head now that I’m back on the road
Oh, I’m in heaven again, I have everything:
Ground moving under the wheels, power control and all that
This is my love, this is what I need, this is my essence
Eight cylinders – all mine
So hold on. I’m a freeway star

Song quote

You play songs for an audience and they still think they’re good songs. I am excited by such a reaction from the audience. And let me tell you, these guys never get tired of Highway Star… When we play it, it’s just as fresh as it used to be because we have a new audience in front of us.

Roger Glover, The Quietus

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