3 Great Comedies with Goldie Hawn for the Evening

It’s hard to argue that good comedies are old comedies. This article focuses on three great comedy films starring Goldie Hawn prior to 1992. Go.

Overboard (1987)

dir. Harry Marshall

The romantic film Overboard is a unique piece of comedy and melodrama that doesn’t feel like it. Seriously. The film turned out to be so interesting and unusual that it is difficult to say what we just watched. An easy comedy? Too important topics are raised there. Melodrama? Little drama (which is good). Much of the mental suffering of Overboard characters is perceived as a natural process. For example, the acclimatization of the main character to life with the Profffits. Or vice versa – after parting with them. Thanks to this, throughout its entire action, the film never arouses rejection or a desire to look into the phone. Humorous, ironic and new, even after more than 30 years. Recommended for viewing.

still from the movie "Overboard"

Housewife (Mistress of the House) (1992)

dir. Frank Oz

“Mistress of the House” in some translations of “Housewife” is another romantic comedy that raises so many controversial topics that it is difficult to call it a comedy. We list: confusing relationships with parents, former and current girls. Problems with career and self-acceptance. All this, as well as a completely unusual plot, makes it possible to enjoy one of the most, as it seems to us, underrated comedies of the early 90s. Why is it still a comedy? Perhaps because all of the above problems (spoiler) are solved with the help of positive and a little narrow-minded thinking of the main character, whose actions almost always bring a smile.

still from the movie "Housewife"

Death Becomes Her (1992)

dir. Robert Zemeckis

The burlesque comedy “Death Becomes Her” is the most unexpected representative of “the best comedies with Goldie Hawn.” Still, this movie is here and it really deserves your attention. In addition to the stunning cast – Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis with hair, the film has a completely unique plot, in the best traditions of black humor.

If you like unusual and unpredictable movies, we urgently recommend watching them.

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