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Bullshit or Fleabag is one of Amazon’s best TV series and won two major Emmy Awards in 2019 for Best Comedy Series and Best Actress. Only the Amazing Mrs. Maisel, with a final score of 86.7 (“Rubbish – 87.3),” which, although good, and managed to win five Emmy awards, works in a completely different direction, can squeeze him out. Below we will tell you how “Rubbish” stands out against the background of all other equally successful projects. And about the two main reasons to watch this series.


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Briefly about the plot

The plot tells about a young and a little strange girl Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), who lives in London, runs a small cafe, meets different guys and has a tense relationship with her family. Each episode is about 26 minutes long, but this is definitely not a classic sitcom. There is no offscreen laughter in the series, and its action is not limited to an apartment or a cafe. Moreover, declared as a comedy-drama, it skillfully balances between that and that, never sinking into very flat jokes, and in some moments it gives out quite good drama, ironically on various acute social problems.


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“Rubbish” breaks the fourth wall

“The fourth wall” is invisible, but the existing boundary between the characters and the audience disappears in the first 10 seconds from the beginning of the series. The thing is that the basis of “Trash” was taken from the monoplay of the same name by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, which the actress performed in Edinburgh. In it, Waller-Bridge would just sit in a chair and talk about what she thought was funny. Initially, this performance was in the form of a classic stand-up, but with the growing popularity it was transformed into a one-man show. Nevertheless, both in stand-up and in the play, the actress continued to openly address her audience. And since Waller-Bridge wrote the script for Trash herself, this technique was transferred to the screen. And let’s face it, Fleabag’s message to viewers in almost every scene on the show is by far the best part and just a delightful idea. By the way,


Thoughtful British humor

A classic example of British humor is the awkward situation a hero finds himself in, and all his subsequent actions in an attempt to get out of it further aggravate the awkwardness. In “Rubbish” the whole life of the main character is a continuous awkward situation. All of Fleabag’s actions aimed at improving his own life almost always put her in a strange and incomprehensible position in the eyes of others. Nevertheless, such a technique, no matter how simple it may seem, does not cause either rejection or bewilderment. The phrase: “I saw this in the previous episode” will definitely not fly off your tongue. Following the same scheme, the series shows an unprecedented variety of jokes that at first cause laughter, but after a while almost always make you think.


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If you love informal TV shows about life and relationships with excellent acting, jokes and rather unexpected subtext, then “Fleabag” will definitely suit your taste.


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