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The mini-series “Chernobyl” takes second place in the ranking of the best series according to IMDb. Above, only our planet is “Planet Earth 2”. But after its release, along with a portion of admiration, the series has managed to get an army of hayters. What can I say, even if “Planet Earth 2” boasts a couple of negative reviews. As for Chernobyl, among other things, there is a general bewilderment of 1986 plastic windows and insulated houses (yes, that couldn’t be the case then, we know). And there are too many inconsistencies with the real events of 1986. So it is or not – to judge historians, – but our editorial team decided to give five reasons why the series “Chernobyl” still worth a look. Let’s go. Five Reasons to Watch HBO’s “Chernobyl”

1. “Chernobyl” is an HBO product

The series is shot for the American cable network Home Box Office, which is famous for its high quality TV content. As an example, — already cult “Game of Thrones”, “True Detective” and many other successful projects.


2. Frame-by-frame reconstructed scenes

The main question that may arise when viewing: “Is it true?” In such cases, the almost frame-by-frame reconstructed scenes of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant liquidation events come to the aid. Here you will find Legasov’s arrival and preparation of the guys for the fourth reactor, cleaning of the roof from graphite and many other no less qualitative replicas of real documentary footage.

3. Ideal life of the USSR

Probably almost the main advantage of the series is considered to be the perfectly restored life of those times. Attention to detail is striking: furniture, dishes, clothing, appliances, license plates on the car, russian handwriting, the absence of spelling errors in the inscriptions and other, other, and other things.
Qualitatively recreated Soviet attributes does not give the slightest opportunity to call this series a parody.


4. The similarity of the main caste of characters with their real prototypes

Many viewers missed the moment of extraordinary similarity of the main (and not so much) actors with real people when looking at patterns on Soviet services. If we do not take into account Ulana Khomyuk, whose character is collective, the appearance of the others fully corresponds to those people from whom their images were removed.

5. Raising serious questions

If you decide to watch the series, be prepared to think a lot and study documentary footage, interviews, and articles that point to a reliable source of information. This approach ensures a more holistic view of the events of the time.

It is important to remember that “Chernobyl” is not fun, you will not be able to rest while watching it. The project raises extremely serious questions that do not tolerate too “free interpretation”.

Good luck.

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