Films about kings that will show the blood, debauchery, lust, courage, wisdom and stupidity of the rulers of the past

Films about kings and queens will allow you to plunge into the abyss of domestic intrigues, strong-willed decisions, political expediency, sincere love and feigned flattery. If you like all this or are simply curious to look at the life of the “powerful ones”, then we have just prepared a selection of excellent films on the topic.

So sit back, grab yourself something delicious, and let’s get started!

The king speaks!

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The plot of this film tells us about the accession to the throne of the duke, who takes the name of George VI. It is noteworthy that this was the current father of Queen Elizabeth II. After the duke’s brother renounces the throne, he willy-nilly has to agree to take office.

However, the young man, exhausted by nervous breakdowns and stuttering, doubts his abilities to lead a huge country. So he turns to neo-orthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue for help.

Two queens

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This is a story about the difficult confrontation between Queen Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I. The first real Catholic and antiquity of blood can claim the throne of England, but for now she goes to Scotland after the death of her husband-king.

Protestant Elizabeth I sends an embassy group to Scotland, which includes the favorite of the current queen, Robert Dudley. Everyone believes that this is an ideal candidate for marrying Mary.

royal romance

Royal Romance (2012).Photo:

This film about kings takes us to harsh Denmark. There, the ruler Christian VII suffers from serious mental disorders, and prefers to spend almost all his time in dens and brothels. This makes his wife, Queen Caroline, very nervous.

Soon, the German doctor Johann Struensee appears in the king’s entourage, who managed to somewhat alleviate the symptoms of the king’s mental disorder. Thus, he is rubbed into confidence, and receives a number of important government posts. However, the doctor also becomes close to the young queen, much to the displeasure of Queen Mother Mary.


"Favorite".(2018) From Mud to Ladies.Photo:

In the courtyard of the XVIII century and there is a war between the French and English people. However, life in Foggy Albion continues. The throne is given to the sickly Queen Anne, who suffers from gout. However, the country is actually controlled by her faithful friend Lady Sarah Marlborough.

Soon, her relative Abigail arrives at the court, and first she gets into the kitchen.

However, after the girl manages to cure the Queen’s gout, Marlborough decides to make her a servant. Now it’s time for Abigail’s opportunity, and it would be better if no one gets in her way.

Young Victoria

Films about kings that will show the blood, debauchery, lust, courage, wisdom and stupidity of the rulers of the pastPhoto:

Victoria’s father died when his daughter was not even a year old. At the age of 11, she realizes that she will have to take control of the vast British Empire. She is still very young and inexperienced, trying to gain the respect and love of the people.

Queen Victoria has been on the throne for 63 years, longer than any monarch before her. The Victorian era coincided with the greatest flowering of the entire empire. However, for the ruler, not only the happiness of the people, but also her own was no less important. Therefore, she loved and was loved.


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The events of this movie about kings and queens tells about the events after the tragedy with Princess Diana in 1997. Queen Elizabeth II goes into self-imposed confinement at Balmoral Castle to come to terms with everything that has happened.

At the same time, the young and ambitious Tony Blair rises to the post of head of parliament. He understands that due to the imprisonment of the queen, the citizens of the country may even turn away from the English throne. Therefore, he will have to find a compromise between the queen’s personal grief and the public’s desire to hear her thoughts.

Another of the Boleyn family

Another of the Boleyn familyPhoto:

This is the story of the Boleyn sisters Anna and Mary. They are driven only by the ambitions of the family, so they fight for the attention and affection of King Henry VIII. Both of them are destined to enter into a relationship with him, but only one will receive the coveted position of the queen, albeit for a very short time.

Victoria and Abdul

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Queen Victoria came to the throne at the age of 18, and became the head of Great Britain, Ireland, and later the Empress of all India. Among the mass of subjects of Her Highness, a young handsome Abdul Karim suddenly and spontaneously appeared. He quickly became an extremely influential person in the Queen’s court.

He was greatly envied, intrigues were woven against him, and the connection between him and the queen was discussed in England and beyond.

Farewell my queen

Farewell My Queen (2012).Photo:

This book is written in the format of the memoirs of the court reader Marie Antoinette at a time when the rebels took the Bastille in a crowd, and Versailles was still defending its splendor on the path of the roaring masses.

The courtier tells how the Bastille prison was completely destroyed, the National Guard was established, and then all the retinue and servants left the queen. 21 years after these events, Sidonie Laborde, who until recently was with Maria, looks back in Vienna and writes her memoirs about those bloody events.


Stills from the film The KingPhoto:

This is a story about the famous King of England Henry V. He was destined to take the throne during the terrible and bloody Hundred Years War. However, he was still able, in difficult conditions, to become perhaps the greatest commander of his time.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles.

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