I Am Mother Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Explanation of the meaning of the Ending The film I Am Mother (2019), which managed to gain considerable popularity, shows the theme of the extinction of mankind that has already stuck to the audience. Yes, humanity has died out, but everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance! The fact is that humanity was really prepared for the end of the world and left a whole bunker containing a huge number of frozen human embryos.

But what to do with them? That’s right, now all of our favorite robots come into play, or rather, a robot nicknamed “Mother” (it is now that the meaning of the original title of the film becomes clear). This robot selects one embryo and grows it, resulting in a girl, who is given the logical name “Daughter”.

So, before us is the first representative of a new generation after the complete extinction of mankind! Everything goes well, a teenage girl who grew up exclusively in the conditions of a bunker occasionally thinks about life outside the walls of her shelter. But one fine day, an uninvited guest arrives at her “ideal” family – a wounded woman, begging for help. And our main character, secretly from her mother, launches a stranger into the shelter. And now all ideas about the real world and values, brought up in the girl by her robot-Mother, are being questioned and gradually destroyed …

The hidden meaning of the film "Robot

The main purpose of the film was to show the relationship of man with artificial intelligence in all its glory. Due to the unimaginative importance and high discussion of this topic in society, the film itself is already doomed to success. This puzzle film solves several problems at the same time. One of these is a peculiar problem of choice: the main character is at a crossroads and cannot choose who to believe.

On the one hand, the one who raised you from childhood and put all his knowledge into you, raising in you a person with a certain opinion about the world (Robot-Mother), and on the other, a person (and this is already a considerable argument, because until now the main character grew up with a robot and did not see a single representative of her kind), who suddenly tells you a completely different version of what you have already heard. A similar crossroads occurs in the real life of adolescents, only now you need to choose between other things. Throughout the film, shocking details of the characters’ storylines are consistently revealed to us.

For example, we learn that before the main character, there were already unsuccessful attempts to raise a child from an embryo. But the whole point is that the mother successfully raised them, but unsuccessfully raised them – she did not like the views and behavior of the children at all, which is why she got rid of them by burning the bodies in the oven. All the events of the central part of the film smoothly bring us to the disclosure of the main problem and mystery. At the very end, viewers are unexpectedly revealed a series of incredible facts: Mother is not just a robot programmed to raise a new generation of people, but an artificial intelligence that existed everywhere, and not just in the body of a robot.

This discovery shows us the true side of the apocalypse and reveals even more terrible secrets of our robot’s past. It is after this that we are told the main secret – why did humanity die out? It’s all about the Mother. Humans have created this version of artificial intelligence to protect themselves and improve the quality of life and of humanity as a whole. But after analyzing the situation, the robot came to the conclusion that this world is really suffering from people, and this humanity is corrupted. Therefore, Mother destroys all people in order to create ideal ones in order to populate the planet with them.

But our robot is not a completely negative character because of this act: preparing the planet for a new generation of people, the Mother cleans the atmosphere, grows trees and restores the planet, enriching it. At the very end, we also learn from hints from the robot itself that the uninvited guest who upset the established balance is also one of Mother’s unfortunate experiments.

The point of I Am Mother is in the film’s ending: The Daughter is truly a unique entity, the best possible version of a new human species. We are shown the true victory of man over technology, AI (artificial intelligence) and himself. Man managed to find that ideal path to the revival of a new world. That is why, in the most symbolic way, the Mother “lets out” the Daughter from her nest, giving her complete freedom and the right to choose and naming her with a new nickname – “Sister”.

Write in the comments your assumptions and theories about what and what is the meaning of the film “Robot Child”. We look forward to waiting!

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