Cherry Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

An army medic was a participant in the military operations in Iraq. When the character returned home, he immediately felt that something was wrong. Nico Walker had undiagnosed PTSD. Heavy memories of past events prevented the characters from living a normal life. The hero of the film needed to abstract from the harsh reality. Over time, the character never managed to cope with his feelings and emotions. Nico Walker began to abuse opiates. The hero of the film did not realize that he was sliding into an abyss, from which it was extremely difficult to get out. It is about these events that the film Cherry tells.

The problem of post-traumatic disorder is often found in films. The Russo brothers told the audience a story based on real events. There are several chapters in the film, each with its own special atmosphere. Each part of the film is a separate whole story. Initially, viewers see beautiful romantic episodes on the screens. But over time, they are replaced by cruelty and bloody military events. Iraq did not spare those who were in it during a difficult period. People could not stand it, because a frightening sight spread before them. They broke down with no chance of recovery. And the main character of the film became one of them. Even after returning home, the hero of the film could not recover. He was supposed to help himself, but instead engaged in self-destruction of his personality. Every day. Step by step. Dose by dose. When the character could no longer control himself, he was capable of rash acts. He started robbing banks because he saw no other way. Addiction was stronger than the hero of the movie.

The war changed the character beyond recognition. From a strong-willed personality, he turned into a man who fell to the very bottom. And he didn’t have the strength to get up. He no longer lived. And it didn’t even exist. The character vegetated his life. He was beyond good and evil.

Explanation of the meaning of the film Cherry

Cherry is a drama whose storyline is not very original. But this film attracts with its sincerity and openness. The filmmakers are not afraid to talk about addiction and its manifestation. Initially, the life of the hero was bright and eventful. He made plans, set goals for himself, tried to realize his plans. But then everything went Cherry. Why didn’t everything go the way the character dreamed? When did this turning point happen? The army completely changed the main character. She made changes that can’t be fixed. The army and the events associated with it, forever settled in the head of the character. The consequences of hostilities left an indelible imprint on the rest of the life of a physician. He became a completely different person. Is it possible to cure a character’s addiction? Is someone willing to lend a helping hand to him?

The hero of the film chose the path that seemed to him the only possible one. After all, apart from opiates, nothing helped him. And over time, the character began to rapidly fall down. To the very bottom. But he didn’t go there alone. He pulled a close loved one behind him. The character needed a dose. She seemed to be the reason for his existence. And now he had a constant need for money, which was not there. At all. And robbery after robbery followed.

After watching the film Cherry there is a special aftertaste. I want to talk about this work, I want to analyze it. This film makes viewers think about their own lives. What is the existence of each individual person like? Do people always do the right things, for which they will not later feel ashamed. Despite the haggard, lowered image of the main character, the audience begins to empathize with the character. How did an army medic come to such a life? And most importantly, why did he drag his beloved to the very bottom? The character of the film ruined not only his life, but also the life of a person who completely trusted him and considered him close.

A dynamic strong film Cherry is a dramatic story from which “goosebumps” run down the arms. Is it possible to condemn a character who has passed inhuman tests? The audience sees on their screens the whole range of emotions that appear on the faces of the characters in the film. The soundtracks used in the film help people to abstract from reality. They are immersed in a special atmosphere. They feel everything that happens to the main character, feel his metamorphoses. There are events that a person simply cannot change. He needs to either accept them or not. But it happens that actions and feelings are stronger than the person himself. And the character could not cope with them. He chose a path that many may condemn. But the hero of the film saw no other way to drown out his painful memories. His soul seemed to have died during the period of hostilities. Only the outer shell remained of the character. These circumstances and events were not in his power. And the hero of the film Cherry simply resigned himself to his obvious fall to the very bottom.

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