Raised by Wolves Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The second season of the series “Raised by Wolves” to be! That is why the creators presented several incomprehensible riddles at the end of the film, which are extremely difficult to solve. The first season left behind a lot of questions. Earth and Kepler. What connects them? The viewer sees some similarities, but he does not succeed in compiling a complete picture. Life forms are very similar. Perhaps the Earth and Kepler had the same past?

The final series of the film has a slightly strange name – “Beginning”. At the end of the series, the viewer is clearly aware that all the characters in the film were introduced into the storyline for a specific purpose. As if the characters are being controlled, manipulated. All characters are just tools that reveal someone’s will from the outside.

The actors have incredible abilities. Some of them clearly imagine their future, which often becomes the object of their visions. Others seem to have remained in the distant past, from which they can not get out. The characters are in their illusory world, they are kept there by obsessive thoughts. There are also those who are haunted by a strange object, the explanation of which is not yet known.

Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the series “Raised by Wolves”

At the end of the Raised by Wolves series, the viewer realizes that the will of the mysterious character is too great. Where did a giant crater-like pit form on the surface of Kepler? The final series is a kind of conclusion. It was in the last episodes that the creators tried to show the incredible power of an invisible super-powerful object that skillfully manipulated the characters. The manipulator seemed to lead the characters with his own hand. All actors are subject to his will.

The meaning of the final series of the film “Raised by Wolves” is that some people at certain life stages fall under the influence of stronger people. In some cases, this helps them, because they are guided, supported, especially if this happens at times of life’s unrest and anxiety. It is only necessary to get rid of this influence over time, because a person should have his own opinion, his own point of view. Everyone must make a decision regarding their next steps, actions. But not always strong people, under the influence of which a person falls, have a beneficial effect on his life. Some simply “break” from the inside, cease to exist as individuals. They cannot even take responsibility for themselves.

Throughout the film, there is also talk of prophecy. Only to whom does it apply. Sometimes it seems to the viewer that everything is obvious. However, in the final episodes it becomes clear that everything is too confusing, veiled. But the boy from the series has a subtle connection with strength. the scale of which is impressive. He acutely feels, feels what is happening around. Some events occur unnoticed by the rest of the characters. But not for Paul. He is like a chosen one, who has his own special way. The boy was born for a specific purpose. The child is very smart and quick-witted. These qualities help him to collect a whole picture and understand who can be trusted and who absolutely cannot.

The heroine’s pregnancy also carries an important message. The mother bears the child not for herself. This is her mission, which will allow the mysterious force to carry out its plan. It was as if the manipulator had restarted its mechanism. He needs new actors with superpowers.

The unusual finding in the final series was that there is life on Kepler. Only it is not presented in the usual form. Among the fossils, living humanoids feel great, considering Kepler their home. Therefore, in the end, the creators debunk the myth regarding its lifelessness. In the final series, the viewer first encounters these strange creatures, hints of which can be found in many episodes of the film.

These humanoids helped the characters make a major discovery. Despite the fact that their life forms are similar to the inhabitants of the Earth, they have a significant difference. Humanoids evolve in reverse order than humans. Why did it happen? Strange creatures throughout their evolution underwent various mutations that left their mark on their further existence. From the final series, it becomes clear that all the characters belong to the same evolutionary ladder, at the top of which is a child who was recently born. But the born character appeared before the audience in an unusual form. A sticky snake flew out of the mother’s mouth. Why should this character in such a strange appearance be at the top of evolution? This is another connection to the Kepler fossils.

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