Silent Hill Explained: What Happens With The Girl?

A horror film called Silent Hill was shown around the world in the already distant 2006. But he still does not slow down, and those who like to tickle their nerves often prefer this picture when they sit down to watch the next movie.

“Silent Hill” was filmed in Canada based on the computer game of the same name, invented in Japan. However, the film differs from the plot of the game, for which the creators of the horror film were repeatedly criticized not only by ordinary users who decided to leave their feedback on the Internet, but also by professional film critics. We offer to understand what the film is about and what its ending is.

The plot of the movie

A woman named Rose Dasilva realizes that her daughter is suffering from a severe mental illness. She decides to take her to the doctors, but the doctors could not help her. Therefore, Rose, despite the reproaches of relatives and friends, decides to travel with the girl to the mysterious Silent Hill. It is this city that her daughter sees in bouts of sleepwalking. A police officer also follows the family, because she suspects that the mother is committing or wants to commit a crime.

Unpleasant adventures meet instantly at the entrance to Silent Hill: police officer Bennet and Rose with Cheryl have an accident because they notice a strange silhouette on the road that distracts them from driving. When the women wake up, they notice that Cheryl is not around. The mother runs into the city, followed by Bennet, who wants to arrest her. But after meeting with the third monster, they begin to understand that quarrels will not be appropriate here, and they will have to survive together.

During the search, they discover a religious organization that believes that only with the help of faith can one survive in this city and save it from adversity. Further, an interesting key point is revealed: it is Christabella who is guilty of the terrible fate of Silent Hill. Alessa, whose materia was Dahlia, gained a reputation as a witch. The residents tried to burn the girl as a witch, but their plan failed: Alessa got burned, and a fire started in the city. As a result, Alessa divided herself into two parts: light and dark. The first is in an orphanage under the guise of a newborn baby, and the second remained in the city.

Meanwhile, Christopher arrives in town, worried about Rose and Cheryl, because they do not get in touch. He breaks into the city archive and realizes that their daughter looks like a girl, Alessa. Cheryl was taken from a shelter, it is known that she was once saved from a painful death at the stake. Christabella also realizes, through the locket found on Rose, that her daughter Cheryl is Alessa.

Rose in the hospital finds a dark Alessa. Alessa tells Rose what is happening to the city and what are the reasons for all the misfortunes. The stipulation is that if Rose helps her get into the cathedral, then she will help Cheryl and her get out of the city.

Christabella at this time is preparing to burn Cheryl, and Rose was in the cathedral just in time, otherwise everything could have turned out in a completely different way. They are trying to explain to Christabella that there will be no apocalypse, she invented it, and none other than her is to blame for all the troubles in the city of Silent Hill. Christabella wounds Rose, impure forces come out of the wound. Two sides of Alessa now appear in the cathedral. In the end, everyone is dead, and only Dahlia is spared, because she is the mother of Alessa, and the Dasilva family, mother and daughter.

Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the movie “Silent Hill”

At the end of the film, the fates of the survivors are divided. Alessa’s mother Dahlia decides to stay at the cathedral, and Cheryl and Rose quickly leave the city, already without such troubles that they met at the entrance to the city. First of all, Christopher’s wife calls him on the phone with the news that everything is fine and they will be home soon. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

Christopher did not hear anything at the call, except for interference, he did not receive any information that his family would soon return back. And when the mother and daughter were at home, they realized that no one was at home. In fact, Christopher was there too. When he woke up, he saw an open door through which both girls came, but they were not in the house or anywhere else. What happened?

Actually, the explanation is quite simple. They fell into a parallel reality, and they are no longer alive. The accident that happened at the beginning of the film claimed their lives, but they didn’t realize it. Now they are forced to live separately from the normal world.

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