365 Days: This Day Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film, titled 365 Days, has generated controversy among viewers due to the amount of contentious content it contains.

365 Days was created in Poland, shown worldwide in 2020. According to viewers, it is perfect for fans of “50 Shades of Gray” and subsequent films of this trilogy. It’s very good if you’re looking for some really well-shot erotic scenes with a gripping storyline and great acting and line-ups in general. However, one should not think that everything is repeated, as in a popular film, since the plot and presentation are completely different.

It is not for nothing that critics note that the film has the most daring, but beautifully and concisely designed scenes with eroticism. However, a tolerant society that fights for the personal rights of people noted that the film “365 Days” can also be regarded as a romanticization of violence.

It is likely that the story will continue in the form of a second part, since the film did not end with the most usual ending.

The plot of the movie

The plot is that a man named Massimo decided to take up the cause of his father, who died tragically. He knew that he would have to work with a dangerous criminal sphere, but he knew what his father had been doing literally from a young age, so he was not afraid of any particular difficulties in managing the affairs of the leader of a criminal gang.

The girl, whose name is Laura Belle, is a real workaholic. She has her own company, managed by several hundred employees. She lives in a hotel, which can be safely called a real palace. One day she decides to fly with a potential future husband to Sicily. But she could not even imagine what adventures await her on the threshold of fate.

The new leader of a criminal gang brazenly kidnaps a girl. But he did not commit any criminal acts against her. There is an obvious reason for this – the passion of love for Laura. Laura refuses any offers to stay with him, which is quite understandable, because she already has a fiancé whom she loves, but at one point she says that she agrees. But she agrees only on the condition that in 365 days, that is, for a whole year, the man will do everything to make her fall in love with him and she herself will not want to leave. Inspired by love, Massimo, of course, agrees. From this moment begins a bright, stormy and hot cycle of events.

Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the movie 365 days

And during the year that Massimo and Laura are together, a number of changes take place. A girl who used to think for the most part only about work and was completely immersed in it, now she has learned to truly be happy. This happened precisely thanks to Massimo. Now she can calmly walk all night in just a bathrobe, splash in the fountain, jump from a luxury yacht and pretend that you are drowning, just to cheer others and, of course, herself. Laura saw life from a completely different side, more comfortable and joyful for her, although she had not known about it at all before.

Although at first the girl behaved negatively towards the kidnapper, and hoped that she would be found and returned back, in the end she herself did not understand how she felt attraction and, as a result, true love.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

The meaning of the film is that you need to live first of all in your own pleasure. No need to chase ghostly achievements, but really live life to its fullest. After all, Laura only thought that she considers herself happy, but she did it for real only during the period when Massimo opened up.

You should not miss the people who bring real movement into your life, because you can miss the best thing that can be given to a person – happiness.

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