The Perfect Nanny Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “The Perfect Nanny”, released in 2019, was shot in the genre of thriller and drama. Released in France by director Lucy Borleto.

The film was shot based on the eponymous book by Leila Slimani, which in 2016 became the most read in France. The book, in turn, is based on real events that took place in 2012.

The plot of the movie

The plot focuses on a family with two children who needed a nanny for their three children. Parents have been looking for a suitable candidate for this role for quite a long time (in the first minutes, three nannies are shown who did not meet the expectations of employers). But the fourth nanny is named Louise. It is she who becomes the very ideal nanny that her parents dreamed of. Louise does not have her own children, she is not married, she does not work anywhere else, so she can devote herself almost entirely to raising the children who loved her so much.

However, from about the middle of the film, the viewer can see a little strange moments relating primarily to the nanny. Either her look is suspicious, or she does the wrong things. All this confuses and makes, because of interest in further events, to stay to watch until the very end and finally find out the denouement of the plot. It is worth paying tribute to the actress Karin Viard, who just perfectly got used to her role.

We don’t know much about her character. Not about her past, not about her personal life, not about her family, not about activities after work. This also makes some sense.

The nanny fed the children with expired food, chicken bones, which already speaks of an unhealthy psyche. She came to the house when both children and parents were still fast asleep, because she was so immersed in it.

The feeling of loneliness drove the nanny into complete attachment to the children, which eventually became unhealthy and led to not the most positive consequences.

Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the film “The Perfect Nanny”

The meaning of the film’s ending in the first place is that you do not need to shift and relieve yourself of absolutely all responsibility from yourself to someone else. The influence of someone else, an outsider, can negatively affect both the psyche and the health of children. If you really pick it up, then you need to carefully monitor it and carefully select it.

The second thing that can be learned from the film is that, first of all, you need to maintain good relationships in the family. No one is surprised that Miriam, the mother of the children, went to work and did not look after the children, shifting the responsibility from herself to the nanny. The same can be said about Paul. This is a fickle man who is not particularly interested in family and raising children. Conflicts in this state of affairs are simply inevitable.

The third thing that needs to be highlighted as a conclusion is that you need to be understanding towards lonely people, try to support them and cure them of mental illness, if this is required. Louise decided to become a nanny only because she had no children of her own, and her husband died long ago. She was expelled from her previous families. Of course, in such a situation, it is impossible not to feel sadness, and Louise even more so reached a mental breakdown.

Therefore, she became very attached to the children, hard going through the days when she had a day off, tried to spend more time with them, but this love was sick and eventually led to sad consequences. That is why there is no need to turn a blind eye to such serious, but seemingly ordinary and unremarkable things.

Unfortunately, these things happen every day. People go crazy, families quarrel, murders are investigated, but we do not notice this, thinking that it is all happening in a completely different world. But you can never predict what will happen to you in a split second, and even more so in a day or a month. It can overtake anyone, and no one is immune from it.

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