Memories of Murder Hacksaw Ridge Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The South Korean thriller Memories of Murder was released in 2003. The audience was shocked that this film is based on real stories. A series of terrible crimes, the division of society, poverty and disagreement of local residents with the current way of life in the country. But what is the meaning of the director in the ending of the film “Memories of a Murder”?

In the tape, the real criminal involved in the murders of women was not detained. At the time of the release of the picture on the big screens, the identity of the suspect was also not established. In the final shots of the film, one of the former law enforcement officers looks into the camera for a long time. He seems to mesmerize the audience. The hero hopes through the camera to find the one who committed terrible crimes. This method can be conditionally called the method of eye contact. But why did the former investigator decide to appeal to ordinary viewers? Is there really no more evidence that could lead to the trail of the criminal?

The terrible events described in the film “Memories of a Murder” occurred in 1986-1991. The film was made in 2003. It is easy to calculate that the investigation was carried out for many years. This case was entrusted to conduct several law enforcement officers. They carefully examined the evidence, looking for all the new evidence. Some of them even turned to fortune tellers for help. However, the actions of the investigators did not lead to the desired result. The investigation came to a standstill. Operational staff realized that they were missing something. But they never managed to figure out what.

Each time, investigators planned to be one step ahead of the killer. Only a serial maniac always foresaw their actions. The offender has created a special ritual for himself. He didn’t just kill the victim. Maniac carefully chose her from the crowd. The killings took place necessarily in the rain and with certain music. On the victim, some of the clothes should have been red. Once, investigators even managed to obtain the maniac’s biological material, from which experts were able to isolate DNA. But even this evidence failed to advance the investigation of the case. Employees of the operational services seemed to be “stomping around” in a circle.

Initially, the investigators took up the investigation with particular enthusiasm. The case of a serial maniac “thundered” throughout the country. To catch the criminal who instilled fear and horror in every local resident became a matter of honor. But days, weeks, months, years passed. The employees who took part in the investigation were replaced. And the killer was never caught.

At the end of the film, the audience sees that many years have passed since the beginning of the investigation. The operational officer, who was engaged in the search for the killer longer than the rest, has already left the ranks of law enforcement agencies. Park decided to leave the police force. After several years of hard service, the man finally found peace. The character had a family, he began to do business. And nothing seems to remind him of the difficult everyday life as an operative. But when he drove past a rice field where one of the victims of a serial maniac was found, the character decided to stop. As if there were no those past years when he left the police.

The former investigator met a girl who told him strange information. The stranger told Park that she saw a man in this rice field who shared his personal memories with her. This story shocked Park. He wanted to find out everything from the girl, to find out all the details. But the heroine did not tell him anything specific. No distinguishing features or characteristics. It was an ordinary person. And then Park realized that the killer was walking among ordinary people. It doesn’t stand out, doesn’t draw attention to itself. It’s impossible to spot him in a crowd. Humans have committed terrible crimes.

Park wanted to look him straight in the eye. It turns out that the investigation of this terrible case never left his mind. He went over and over in his mind the details, the clues, the previous events. Now, using the method of eye contact, he once again wanted to try to figure out the criminal. The character, after meeting with the girl, suddenly clearly realized that the serial maniac was still at large. If all the available methods have already been tried, you should try to come up with something of your own. From the look of the former investigator, some viewers feel “uncomfortable”. The park looks intently, as if into the very soul. He wants to say that one should not turn a blind eye to terrible events. Before a common disaster, the people must unite. Sometimes the help of a single person is invaluable.


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