Call Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The motion picture Call (2020) from Netflix is a tape that is based on a time paradox. However, in the film, the authors of the project do not explain this phenomenon. No scientific facts or pseudoscientific theories. The audience will have to face the mysticism that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Explanation of the ending of the film Call

A kind of dialogue through time. This is how you can characterize the film Call. If a person is sitting at home and suddenly receives a Call, what should he do in such an unusual situation? The first impulse that arose in the heroine was to correct something in her own life. Suddenly, the girl found herself in a new reality. Only the memories of her past life have undergone significant changes. Even her brain worked differently.

The story shown on the screens is fascinating. The main idea is how a person can be saved from a person. The heroine was not even familiar with this girl. They never crossed paths in everyday life. It could not even be assumed, because there were twenty years between them. Sometimes a person’s imagination places him in a world that is far from reality. The character becomes obsessed with some idea or event. He is subject to his fears and obsessive thoughts. Can this condition be dealt with? The creators of the film Call presented the answer to this question at the end of the film.

The atmosphere of the tape pumps and fascinates at the same time. Connection with reality is a fine line that the viewer must catch. The main meaning of the finale of the film Call is that you can not live in the past. This is destructive and wrong. It destroys the present, makes a happy future impossible. No need to even try to go back in time and try to fix it. This will not bring the desired result. The consequences of such actions will be extremely sad. A person should live in the present, and not drag along an unbearable load of past mistakes, constantly wanting to change something. If you constantly turn to the days already lived, you can lose your true self. A person becomes dependent on his past, which gradually replaces his present.

The main character was obsessed with the idea of ​​changing the course of past events. Only she did not realize where this would lead. You can’t play with fate. Under any circumstances, you should move on. Otherwise, a person may find himself in a trap built by his own imagination.

The meaning of the film Call

The main character found herself in a strange situation, for which there is no explanation. But even so, she decided to show mercy. But not all goodness goes back to the one who made it. Sometimes sincere deeds with good intentions turn against a person. The meaning of the film Call is that you should not trust strangers. It is important to get to know the person, to get to know him better. Perhaps he should not lend a helping hand, because he pursues his own selfish goals. Before doing good, you should think about whether it will bring you trouble and evil.

The beginning of the picture turned out to be sluggish, there is no dynamics in it. However, after the heroine awakened the monsters with her good deeds, the audience is more closely following the events unfolding on the screen. They are in suspense, not fully understanding what will happen in the next episode.

With the help of special effects, the filmmakers managed to show how much the reality in which the heroine was located has changed. Her own actions and actions led to such changes. This proves once again that our lives are in our hands. And to be happy or unhappy is also our choice.

The work presents two bright female images. There is an irreconcilable contradiction between them. Their worldviews are very different. The film traces the idea that is familiar to everyone. To tell lies, to commit vile deeds is wrong, stupid. Everyone must be held accountable for their words and actions. A person cannot deceive others with impunity. One day it will play a cruel joke on him. Many viewers know the phrase: “You can’t run away from yourself.” However, some people try to deceive themselves. It just doesn’t go unnoticed. The day will come when a person realizes his mistakes, but it will be too late. His past will already control his present. Dealing with this is not for everyone. You cannot change the past, so you should focus on the present. To ensure a happy bright future.

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