5 Centimeters per Second Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Anime Makoto Shinkai “5 Centimeters Per Second” is a film with a deep meaning. Man cannot turn back time. This picture is that every moment in life is priceless, it will never happen again. However, people often forget about it. Many simply do not think that their time is limited. They spend precious seconds on meaningless deeds, worries, doubts. What message did the director of the anime film put into the end of his work “5 Centimeters Per Second”?

Time moves inexorably forward. The pace of life is constantly accelerating. In pursuit of material wealth, people doom themselves to a boring gray existence. They are not interested in anything but money. The creators of the film “Five Centimeters Per Second” urge everyone to stop and look around. Each period of time is unique and beautiful in its own way. No one can make the hands of the clock freeze in place. But under no circumstances will they move faster.

Great attention to the author of the project removed the details. People must learn to pay attention to the beauty of nature that surrounds them. Sky blue, unique landscapes. Atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Children look at the world with wide eyes. They want to try everything, to be in time everywhere. They have not yet learned the meaning of material goods and money. It is of no use to them. Children know how to find joy even in familiar things. But time waits for no one.

The meaning of the ending of the film “5 centimeters per second” is that everything should always happen on time. No important things can be postponed “for later.” Otherwise, you can not have time, otherwise it will be too late. This happened with the characters of the anime film. The heroes made plans, foresaw their future. But they forgot to just live. Their existence was devoid of happiness, joy, bright moments.

The filmmakers did not accidentally show the train in the film. This image reminds everyone that in life people are like passengers. They are temporarily on this planet. And it is very important to fill your life with meaning, so that later you do not have to regret the wasted days.

The ending of the film is extremely emotional. Neither labor activity nor personal relationships brought happiness to the protagonist. He never found his calling. And then he sees her. Memories from a carefree childhood immediately flashed through his head. This girl became his ideal, the ultimate dream. Perhaps he would have been happy with her. But he did not dare to take the first step towards her. The girl also fondly remembered this young man. However, their paths diverged, they will never be able to be together again. With age, attitudes and life priorities change. As the years go by, a person may grow dissatisfied with his gloomy existence. And one day you want to change everything, but there is not enough time for this.

The final episodes of the film “5 centimeters per second” clearly demonstrate the value of time. Time is the only thing that cannot be returned. This is the most valuable thing everyone has. Therefore, it cannot be wasted. Time is an irreplaceable resource. It is worth thinking many times before getting an uninteresting job, communicating with a person who is unpleasant to you. You should not get upset over trifles or waste minutes on empty talk. A person must live his life in such a way that he gratefully remembers every day, and does not regret missed opportunities.

A strong life-affirming film makes every viewer pay attention to their lives. It doesn’t matter what people around you say behind your back. Do not become a source of singing and rumors. The main thing is to listen to yourself and understand what you really want. The protagonist of the film “5 centimeters per second” realized this too late. He missed his bird of happiness. Why did it happen? The character did not attach much importance to time. He took everything for granted. But suddenly the realization came. Sometimes this is not enough to completely change your life. However, one must try. Many people know the expression: “It’s never too late to start.” There is some truth in this phrase. But do not forget that external circumstances often intervene.

At the end of the film, the characters did not become life partners. Each of them dreamed of this, but fate decreed otherwise. The main idea of ​​​​the finale of the film “5 Centimeters Per Second” is that you need to use every chance to become happy that life provides. There may or may not be other possibilities.

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