Evangelion Ending Explained & Film Analysis

It is important for a person to listen to himself and his desires, to accept himself as you really are. This is the main idea of ​​the Evangelion series. The picture in the anime genre is extremely controversial.

This series shows not just the world. This world can be called “sick”, because he suffered two blows that did not go unnoticed. Both nature and all mankind suffer. The waters of the oceans are mired in sewage, people are tired of injustice and lies. Wars take away all the forces from the population. Angels periodically appear on the planet. These surreal creatures have a main purpose. They must rescue their first primary friend, an Angel who cannot leave Earth. A surreal creature is forcibly kept on the planet.

Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the anime “Evangelion”

The characters have no effective way against Angels. They are extremely difficult to resist. Humanity has gone to extremes. They created the Evangelions. Biorobots only work if people put them in special conditions. Only special teenagers have leverage over the Evangelions. The characters must enter into a mental connection with the biorobots. Only in this way will teenagers be able to control the created mechanisms.

The Evangelion series is the story of a teenager who has lost the meaning of life. A young man can be called lazy, insecure, lack of initiative. In a word – a weakling who cannot pull himself together in any way. A teenager cannot decide even for himself what he wants to do in this life. He does not understand where to go, what activity to choose. They say about such that he goes with the flow. But a teenager does not know how to live differently. He needs someone to guide him, prompt him. In the meantime, he is visited by depressive obsessive thoughts. Nothing works out for him, so his hands involuntarily let go.

In the personal life of a teenager, there was also a drama. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the hero grows up without parents. But the character has an obligation. His task is to pilot the biorobot. Perhaps this task will help a teenager gain self-confidence. The new activity will not allow the hero to get bogged down in unhappy thoughts and problems. However, it is worth remembering that if a teenager himself does not want to, then no one and nothing will save him.

An anime film has many advantages. Each viewer perceives the meaning of the final in his own way. And this has its advantages. This series is highly controversial. They talk about him, argue, discuss the tape. The creators were able to touch the audience “for the living.”

Initially, a dimwitted teenager is presented in the series in the form of an antihero. However, this is not for long. The viewer is imbued with sympathy for the character after the teenager begins to protect his loved ones. The creators of the film paid great attention to the relationship of relatives and friends.

What is the most important thing in life? There is no single correct answer to this question. But at the end of the Evangelion movie, the viewer understands what answer the writers have prepared. Friendship. The most valuable thing a person has is friendship. It is very important that throughout the life path there is a person nearby who you can rely on. This is exactly the friend you can count on in sorrow and in joy. This person will not betray and will not substitute. He knows how to keep his word, if necessary, will give the necessary light. Such people are vital.

In the center of the film “Evangelion” is a man who is in a deep depression. Throughout the series, the creators show us how the character emerges from this state. He doesn’t get everything right away. But he tries very hard. A teenager constantly seeks the approval of his father. He wants to please everyone. This is his main mistake. The meaning of the ending of the Evangelion series is that you need to live, first of all, for yourself. It doesn’t matter what people say. Some people try to make you doubt yourself. You should stay as far away from such people as possible. A person should listen to himself and his heart.

In the final episode, the viewer realizes that the teenager has not fully recovered from his depression. Why did it happen? Everything is simple. Life consists of black and white stripes. Not everything is always good. Fate periodically throws us new tests. Sometimes we overcome them with ease. But it also happens that we need time to deal with another problem. There will always be difficulties. It is impossible to prepare for all trials. But it is in our power to try all possible ways to eliminate them. Everything is in our hands. Therefore, they should not be omitted under any circumstances.

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