The Witcher 2 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Geralt of Rivia, created by the imagination of the Polish science fiction writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is one of the most popular heroes of the fantasy genre not only in Slavic countries, but throughout the world. Especially since the witcher saga was not only translated into English, German, French and other languages ​​of world importance, but also filmed. And if the first film adaptation was considered unsuccessful, then the American-Polish series, the shooting of which has not yet been completed, caused a lot of praise from both professional film critics and just fans. genre.

At the same time, the images of the protagonist and his friends, and at the same time enemies, are becoming more interesting and multifaceted from episode to episode. If at the beginning of the series Geralt is shown as a lone hero who either fights fantastic monsters or protects them from the blind fury of people, then as the plot develops, the witcher acquires a faithful girlfriend – the beautiful sorceress Yennefer (who later becomes his wife) and adoptive daughter, the young Princess Ciri, as adventurous as he himself was in his youth.

The witcher, like his relatives, cannot have his own children due to the superhuman professional trials he went through in his youth, but love, tenderness and passion are quite possible for him.

Meanwhile, Ciri herself matures and discovers her true self. But this does not happen right away – in the second season, the girl becomes a hostage of an evil old demon woman who inhabits the body of Ciri, takes possession of her mind and turns the girl into a real little fiend, ready to enjoy the killings. If you have read Stephen King’s “Carrie” or watched the film adaptation of this story, multiply Carrie Bradshaw’s rage a hundred times and you will get a rough idea of the feelings that possessed the enchanted Ciri.

Explanation of the ending of The Witcher Season 2

In the end, the girl gets rid of the power of the demoness, but this does not save her from other sinister characters who are going to use Ciri for their own purposes, not at all caring about what the girl herself wants. In the Season 2 finale, Ciri is briefly reunited with her parents, but the main dangers lie ahead for her.

Why does the second season end with a rampage and Ciri’s epiphany? The fact is that this girl herself has powerful witchcraft abilities, although she has not yet learned how to control them. She is not just a young girl, but the Chosen One, a child of Destiny, who is destined to change the face of the magical world and save the elves, the oldest inhabitants of this world, from inevitable degeneration or death.

That is why all the heroes of the “witcher” cycle are chasing Ciri: some in order to protect her from troubles and prevent the girl from breaking firewood, others in order to make her a weapon, her banner or just a toy. At the same time, Geralt and Yennefer strive not only to save their adopted daughter, but also to teach her how to use magic so that she is not helpless before her own destructive power.

In the world of Sapkowski there are no or almost no unconditionally positive heroes at all, he constantly tries to supply his books with a good dose of realism and even cynicism. With all his love for Tolkien, he is not going to write in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings, whose heroes are often and not always rightly called black and white. His own heroes are rather colorful, like a medieval map or a fool’s cloak: positive heroes necessarily have not only weaknesses and mistakes, but also real flaws, and evil people and magical creatures are not devoid of good feelings, or at least act as prescribed. their own nature.

This applies to sorcerers of both sexes, and the monsters that Geralt meets, and the ancient elves, who turned out to be complete scumbags, leaving far behind the most controversial characters of Tolkien’s legends.

But what happens to Ciri is also an ordinary metaphor for growing up. Few of the teenagers do not have conflicting feelings, as if tearing the mind and body in two, few of them do not feel the desire to either save the world or send it to hell. And finally, like an ordinary teenager, Ciri, in her temper, can not only say too much, but also do terrible things. But if an ordinary girl in such a situation slams her grandmother’s favorite cup on the floor, spanks her younger brother or starts building tricks for the teacher, then the young sorceress can easily smash the whole world.

As implied by the crew’s hints and the content of Sapkowski’s books already written, season 3 will see Ciri come of age and continue to face serious dangers. The girl will find out who her real parents are and why they abandoned her in infancy, and we will find out what is the purpose of Ciri and whether she can cope with her dangerous gift. And we will also learn about what forces rule Geralt’s world, who the most powerful wizards fear to the point of trembling in their hands, and whether sorcerers and elves have reason to envy people.

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