The Woman in the House Across Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The series The Woman in the House Across (2022) the Street from the Girl in the Window was shown on the Netflix platform, starring Christian Bale. The series tells about a woman Anna, who is going through a difficult period. She is an accomplished artist, at the peak of her career, but it happens that her daughter is killed in an evil way. This event takes place on the day when fathers bring their daughters to work. Anna’s husband worked as a forensic psychiatrist, he is distracted for a minute and leaves his daughter alone with a maniac, who immediately viciously kills her. She is completely immersed in her own world, drowns out the pain with wine, and sees no light in her life. However, she has a desire to start a new life when she watches in the window opposite for a new neighbor.

Thus, she begins to follow him, and begins to suspect him of the murder of Lisa’s friend. Anna has vivid hallucinations, and they continue at this stage. One day, she begins to monitor the neighbor’s house and it seems to her that he is killing Lisa. She even calls the police, but they are told that Lisa is just at work. Anna begins to learn different information from neighbors, to track his life. Different ways of killing Lisa flash through her mind. Anna tried to make an acquaintance, claiming that the pope often had fits of anger, which increasingly suggested that Neal was a murderer.

The heroine begins to investigate the death of Neil’s wife and she learns that his first wife Meredith drowned. After that, the girl’s teacher died, she crashed, flying off the Lighthouse. She sees different pictures in her head and understands how her neighbor consistently kills everyone who is close to him. During the investigation, she also finds out that the neighbor’s girlfriend was actually a swindler. Neil could have been the victim of a robbery, Cestite was busy finding elderly or vulnerable men, then trying to rob them. Together they pretended to be brother and sister, while Rex represented the disabled person. Later, the criminal breaks into Anna, threatens, he is arrested suspecting the murder of a swindler, but in fact he has a reliable alibi.

Why are the police arresting the heroine herself, because they found a weapon in her, she is released from prison on bail. Then the suspect becomes a handyman who killed his entire family. In the season finale, it becomes clear that the worker is not a killer either.

Only in the last episodes it turns out that the killer is most likely Emma – the daughter of Neil, she suffers from psychopathy and she caused the death of her mother, because she became pregnant a second time. Emma killed her teacher, who was trying to get her father’s attention. The series aims to show us different situations and sometimes what seems to be just a hallucination turns out to be true. In the season finale, it is revealed that Emma killed her father for his terrible performance as a ventriloquist. Emma then attacks Anna, realizing that the neighbor has come close to solving the whole situation. An adult woman wins, she kills her with a shard of dishes.

Many are concerned about the question of what the final scene of the series is. The heroine flies to New York to meet a friend who has reconciled with her husband, they have another child. Anna drinks a few pills and a glass of vodka in the process, but when she goes to the bathroom, she finds the woman sitting next to her dead. She calls the stewardess, but the neighbor’s body has already disappeared. The stewardess believes that the passenger is hallucinating because she is not sober, she used pills.

She tries to prove that there is a cigarette case on the seat. Therefore, there is a passenger. It turns out that the lady from the next place is really dead. Most likely she was killed by a member of the flight crew. The heroine was not supposed to find the body, so many tried to assure her that this was just a vision. The film’s ending has several mysteries, which suggests that there will be a next season in which some mysteries will be revealed.

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