Money Heist Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Modern Netflix series have become so popular that fans are looking forward to their continuation. And this is not surprising, because the alternative reality presented in the films is presented by the creators in such a fascinating and exciting way that with its help the viewer is transferred to a fictional world with amazing imagination, unraveling the twisted tangles of events together with the acting characters. The series Money Heist ended, causing a lot of reasoning of a very different order.

The main storyline of the picture

The story of the robbery of the Mint, unique in its scale, as well as the Bank of Spain, has ended. The fifth season was marked by an unexpected confrontation for the vast majority of viewers. The Professor’s nephew managed to steal all the looted gold that was stolen from the Bank of Spain by a team of robbers, transporting it to a hideout known only to him.

The professor is trying to save the situation, he sends a note for Rafael through the Sierra. What is written in it remains unknown, but the result is not long in coming: the son of Berlin, for some reason, backtracked. One of the versions according to the text of the note is that the Professor writes to his nephew something about the importance for Berlin in the implementation of his plan. Having put pressure on such a concept as the honor of a thief and the need to remember the reputation of his own family, the Professor in this situation also managed, as if by magic, to pull off a serious matter.

The finale of the series left a lot of questions, the answers to which do not lie on the surface. The viewer can analyze the result of the picture himself, but certain points can be considered quite understandable and readable.

Gang members: what happened to them?

The defense that the Professor’s team kept while in the bank building focused all the attention of the audience on itself. And at the same time, down in the building, in the storehouse, under the leadership of Bogota and Nairobi, the most intense work of a brigade of hired workers is going on. Thanks to their work, which did not stop for a moment, the main group of robbers would not have had the slightest opportunity to extract gold from the bank vault, and even more so to melt it down and take it outside the bank building.

And at the end of the series, an attentive viewer naturally raises the question: where did the members of the hired team of workers go? They seemed to literally evaporate or disappear, because at the time of the arrest of the gang members by Colonel Tomayo, the robbers were arrested and taken outside, like the hostages. But the workers there as if there were not even initially. And in the final episode, the guys were not visible. A natural question arises: where did they go?

Hostages and money promised to them

Another question that arises among the audience concerns the hostages. The robbers promised that part of the hostages who remained with them part of the booty received, and the amount of money promised to be very large and tangible. The question of whether the hostages eventually received the promised money remains open.

Although it would be just mean and stupid not to share the stolen bills with Torres Francisco. After all, it was with his help that the robbers managed to establish an uninterrupted process of printing banknotes. And Torres’ work ethic that Nairobi admired? She also deserves a certain amount of encouragement.

Monica and her fears

No less amusing is another detail: Monika, one of the characters in the picture, which took the name Stockholm, has its own special fears and addictions. They did not arise from scratch: as a result of the first robbery, a young woman became a hostage, which caused her serious psychological trauma.

The result was the appearance of signs of constant stress in Monica, which caused hallucinations. On one occasion, she almost let down her team members due to her imbalance, which could have been the collapse of the entire operation. Therefore, it seems surprising that the series bypassed enough attention to the fact that Monica suffered from addictions and fears. As shown towards the end of the picture, she again turned into a cheerful curly girl performing a lovely striptease in front of Denver.

But such phobias as drug addiction and obsessive-compulsive states do not go unnoticed if you decide to just forget them. Therefore, an attentive viewer probably drew attention to some incomprehensible situation with the state of the heroine of the series.

Mystical salvation of Helsinki

In the final shots, we see how badly Helsey suffered in the battle with the special forces: a column collapsed on him, and his legs were crushed and crushed. He was predicted to be completely unable to walk, but in the final shots we see a fat man walking briskly with the others.

The scene probably means that no one managed to get out alive. But there is another possible finale of the series: Tokyo is still alive, because her body was never shown to the viewer, and her colleagues did not grieve about her for too long, and besides, they did not bury her. Therefore, the series finale can have several interpretations, and the viewer has the right to assume any of them.

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