Lost Ending Explained & Series Analysis

At the end of Lost (TV series), the creators provide answers to many questions that have worried viewers throughout the season. Did the plane crash or not? Did the characters know each other before the events?

Flight 815 did not crash. The writers created an unusual reality for the characters. The reality is that the heroes after their death fall into a special boundary space. Their souls take on a metaphorical appearance, they are in a metaphysical field. Some viewers are sure that everything that happens is just Jack’s imagination running wild. As if the hero is overcome by endless hallucinations. He does not understand where is reality and where is the fruit of his fantasies. However, it is not. After all, the series also shows the lives of other characters with whom Jack was not familiar.

The ending of the film confirms that the consciousness of a person exists even after his physical death. The soul is not hallucinations and violent fantasies. The creators support their conclusions with various teachings, among which are philosophical, religious, psychological. Some of the symbols of the acquired knowledge the viewer sees on the screen.

Explanation of the ending of the series “Lost”

The main conclusion of the film’s finale is that human life does not end after death. The soul continues to exist. This is the reality faced by the characters of the series. All living things die. Everyone has his own path. Some earlier, some later, but the result is the same. However, a person should not get hung up on this. He should not constantly think about when and where his final will be.

The creators of the series made an unusual move. They did not show a clear line between the living and the dead. Some characters are in limbo. They are both dead and alive at the same time. How can this be? The peculiar course of time helped the scriptwriters to realize their idea.

The film emphasizes the importance of family ties. A person should not live in complete solitude. In the final scenes, Jack found himself with those who were dear to him. These are the people he could rely on at any moment. These characters were with him both in grief and in joy. And now they also surround him, they are ready to give him a helping hand, support, cheer. The series shows the true value of true friendship. All these loves were important to Jack, at certain life stages he really needed them. The character himself was also significant to his friends and relatives.

Not all heroes were ready to die. Some did not want to leave this world at all. However, this is inevitable. Looking back, the characters recalled their lives. What goals did they set for themselves and how did they achieve them? What did they pay attention to? The characters regretted that they attached great importance to the little things, and this should not have been done. Someone bitterly realized that he had wasted his life “for nothing”. But nothing can be returned.

Most of the answers to their questions about the meaning of the ending of the series, viewers get from the dialogue between Jack and his father. They talk for a long time about life and death. Heroes do not fully understand whether they are alive or not. The characters come together to remember everything. They want to look into each other’s eyes. And no, this is not a sick fantasy. This is an alternate reality showing that even after death people find each other.

The legendary series “Lost” fell in love with many viewers. Some have not been able to solve the riddle of the secret meaning. This has its advantages. A person again and again has to return to the final frames of the film. It is at such moments that the viewer forces himself to analyze his own life. He seems to be looking at himself from the side.

Despite the fact that life after death has a continuation, a person should strive to live here and now. You should not put off your dreams and desires “for later.” The path of a person should be full of bright events, unforgettable meetings, grandiose plans. So that the later had to regret the aimlessly lived days.

Some viewers were dissatisfied with the long dialogues of the characters in the final frames. However, it was the characters’ reasoning that helped many to rethink their existence, set priorities, reconsider their views. The meaning of the ending of the series “Lost” also lies in the fact that our life is only a moment on the scale of the Universe. Therefore, you should appreciate every day you live, the whole “tomorrow” may no longer come. The series encourages everyone to act, to live while there is time. While you are alive, it is important to fight to the end, to the last breath. Otherwise, you may not have time to realize your aspirations and cherished dreams.

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