Euphoria Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Euphoria is a series intended for a teenage audience that has gained great popularity just recently.

The main plot revolves around the main character, seventeen-year-old Rue Bennet. Previously, she was treated in a rehabilitation clinic, but even after a long course of treatment, she could not fully recover from drug addiction. After the clinic, she again begins to use drugs. But her life really changes when Rue’s future friend, Jules, enters her. This is the starting point for a former drug addict.

Most critics evaluate the series on a positive wave. The story itself is catchy, the problems raised in “Euphoria” are really relevant for modern society. The visual component is also not the most common, but this is its feature, which attracts young people to view.

The cast is also important. Rue Bennet is played by Zendaya, a bright and impressive girl who has already managed to win the hearts of fans. Her ability to get used to the role in this project is also noted.

The meaning of the series “Euphoria”

The main message that the creators wanted to convey to us is how hard it is to remain a healthy and adequate person in modern society, when there are a million temptations around.

The series shows life itself, as it is, without any embellishment. It is customary to show only positive-minded teenagers who are excellent students and achieve success, but the reality is not like that, and it is often not customary to discuss “difficult” children. They are considered the dregs of society, for which the path to the future is closed, but in fact, no one can be called that, because everyone has something bright.

Often appearances are deceiving, and a person who is considered a nobody will help you much more and more willingly than someone who is considered successful and happy. The second probably does not know all the intricacies of a difficult life, or has long forgotten about them, while the first has survived and is experiencing all the difficulties on himself.

The project calls for first of all to get rid of social labels that society likes to generously reward, and to try to help everyone who is not in the best period of his life. You need to bring more good into this world, and not concentrate only on your own happiness, because you are not alone here.

Meaning of the series ending

Explanation of the ending of the series “Euphoria”. “Euphoria” has not yet ended as a project, but the first season of the series has already been filmed and put on display to viewers in 2019. The second season is only expected by fans so far, but the creators have announced its continuation.

The eighth and final episode of the first season opens with being admitted to the hospital due to kidney problems. She tells us that she loves hospitals, as this is the only place where she can relax and not burden herself with duties.

Next, Jules appears to the girl, which greatly cheers her up. They reconcile after a recent spat. But, as it turned out, this promise not to quarrel and to resolve all conflicts did not last so long. Girlfriends again do not understand each other due to omissions in the sphere of relations.

Then the frame cuts to a school where teenagers study. Nate meets Ru. The girl tells him that he will soon be finished. The guy replies that it will be worse for her rather than for him.

Roo and Jules want to leave town by train. But, already almost gathered, Ru realizes that he cannot do this. In the end, Jules still leaves, and Ru only looks at the departing train. When Bennet arrives home, she has a panic attack. Memories of her dead father, sister, quarrels with her mother seize her. She does not find the strength to cope with it on her own, and therefore decides to take a drug dose, as in the good old days.

The meaning of the ending of the first season is simple. You should not do bad things to anyone, and in particular to someone who is already in an extremely uncomfortable position. You need to love your neighbor, and then everything will be fine for you and for those around you.

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