Venom 2 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Extraordinary characters and the dynamic development of the storyline have always been considered the key to the successful rental of a feature film. And the second part of the Venom 2 film, popular among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was an opportunity to meet again with already familiar heroes and follow their further adventures. After all, the epic nature of the picture, combined with the professional play of the cast, will leave an exceptionally positive viewing experience and will help you spend the evening with pleasure in the company of the same fans of interesting adventures.

Some information about the film “Venom 2”

The release date for the Andy Serkis film is September of this year. Starring Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock. With him, everything is also full of friendliness neighbor “symbiote” Venom.

The spider universe is rapidly expanding, capturing the viewer’s imagination and taking his thoughts into the distances invisible to the eye. However, when watching the sequel, there are many more questions than there were.

For the viewer, the picture “Venom 2” will become an organic continuation of the first part, and the rapid development of the plot and amazing characters will allow you to plunge headlong into a fictional reality. Understanding the sequence of events, you can understand the ending of the film, which still has some uncertainty. Which, probably, was envisaged by the authors as an opportunity to continue the picture in subsequent parts.

The development of the plot in “Venom 2”

Not the best period of life is shown in a new series of paintings. Eddie hasn’t been able to hook up with the girl he loves madly, and besides, she’s about to get married. Her chosen one was Dr. Dan Lewis. There are no positive changes in the career of the protagonist, and in his house there is a mess – just like in his soul and in his thoughts.

But there is no exclusively black period in life, almost a miracle happens! A serial killer has been caught and he wants to give a completely exclusive interview to our hero! However, not all so simple. During the negotiations, the maniac bites Eddie, and the Carnage symbiote is transferred to him from Venom, which helps the killer escape.

Eddie and Venom begin to quarrel, and at the same time, Carnage rescues his girlfriend Screech. Now the killer has regained all his strength and begins to carry out his own bloody plan. Therefore, Eddie and Venom need to stop the quarrel as soon as possible, because a dangerous company leaves behind mountains of corpses.

How will Venom 2 end?

The closer to the finale, the more tense the situation in the picture is created. Everything is approaching the decisive battle, and it will take place in the cathedral, which is very symbolic, because it is here that Francis and Cletus intend to get married on the blood of Eddie, Detective Mulligan and Venom, who are implacable enemies of the killer and the company. On the detective keeps anger and Squeal.

Carnage and Cletus are a strong union of monsters, however, against the backdrop of their initial disunity. At the same time, Eddie and Venom reconcile, because they are the perfect partners, which helps the heroes fight evil and defeat it.

At the end of the film, Venom devours Carnage, who is actually his child. And bites off the head of the maniac Cletus. The headless monster is not shown to the viewer, because the film has the qualification “16+”. However, the serial killer is dead, in subsequent episodes he can only appear from an alternate reality.

But the remains of Carnage can be preserved. And if he can find a new carrier for himself, then we can expect him to appear in the continuation of the film. Death overtakes the Screech: it is crushed by the bell dome. But Screech’s lifeless body is not shown to the viewer, so her death cannot be called absolutely accurate. In addition, during the battle in the cathedral, Carnage managed to break off the tongue in the bell, with the help of which a characteristic loud ringing is created. After all, too loud sounds are harmful and dangerous for symbiotes. Therefore, an empty place was created under the bell, and in the next series, the Squeal may reappear on the stage.

The fate of the detective is also interesting: at the moment of his death, Screech seems to transfer his abilities to him with the help of telepathic abilities. And the detective has a characteristic blue glow in his eyes. Patrick Mulligan himself survived, but it is not yet known how supernatural abilities will manifest in him.

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