Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Even invincible superheroes get tired of their exclusivity and try to return to normal life. So tried to do and Spider-Man – world-famous Peter Parker. This is confirmed by the ending of the next Hollywood film from the saga of the valiant Peter Parker, whose incognito finally becomes known to his friends, enemies and the whole world. Peter’s efforts to be forgotten once and for all are told in the next Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way.

In desperation, Peter turns to one of the most powerful characters in the movie saga, Doctor Strange, for help. But even the strongest incantations misfire, especially when they are cast by individuals with a controversial reputation, and the audience is hungry for exciting action. Instead of surrounding the name and deeds of Peter with a veil of oblivion that is stronger than any web, the Doctor unleashes all the villains of the saga – both those who appeared in previous episodes of the Spiderman story, and those who have long since retired. All of them are full of energy, thirst for revenge and are ready to deal with Peter hated by them.

Strange shoulder to shoulder with Peter confronts a horde of villains. But the powers of the heroes are limited, so they need magic again. Doctor Strange is ready to cast the reverse spell and send the villains back to their worlds to neutralize them once and for all. But this intention is opposed by Peter, who again discovers his nature as a knight without fear or reproach. He believes that the wicked deserve mercy and can be healed. Indeed, under the guise of any monster, an enchanted prince can lurk, and an ugly cold frog will certainly turn into a beautiful princess!

So, Peter neutralizes his comrade Strange and proceeds with the healing procedure, but his noble intentions and his superpowers are in vain. Villains not only refuse to reform, but also become more vile, cunning and resourceful. Eventually they leave the battlefield, and one of the scum kills Aunt May, so poor Peter sees the results of his misplaced mercy and belief that even hardened villains can improve if they are approached in the right way.

The audience is debating why Peter did it the way he did. Some believe that he was damaged by the mind and he himself needs treatment in a psychiatric clinic, where the most rooted ailments are treated. Others believe that this move is needed to add action. What will keep viewers at the screens and make them look forward to new episodes of the saga, if not the death of likable heroes and the expectation of revenge that Peter will take as soon as he recovers from the shock! And still others believe that this is a habitual technique that emphasizes the nobility of the hero, even if this nobility is to the detriment of himself and those who are dear to him, and allows the villains to do evil to their heart’s content.

One way or another, we will see in the next series of stories about the adventures of Peter Parker, his friends and enemies, which are expected on the screens very soon. Let’s wait and hope!

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