Interstellar Explained: What Happened to Earth at the End?

“Interstellar” cannot be called a banal mass film about space, of which there are so many now. A simple proof of this postulate is the abundance of discussions, the violent reactions of viewers and film critics. In addition to the external epic and grandiosity of the picture, it is rich in thoughts and rich in meanings. Let’s figure it out.

Remind me of the plot. The planet is falling into disrepair, soon there will be nothing to eat, nothing to breathe, there is an urgent need for a way out. There is a theoretical solution, to test it in action, a group of scientists is sent on a space expedition. The goal is to search among the proposed options for a habitable planet, a new home for earthlings. Among the members of the group – the former pilot Cooper – a strong-willed personality. Cooper had to leave the children on Earth. The difficult parting with his daughter – Murph – shows a strong emotional connection between the characters. And for good reason, a little later it will become clear why.

The expedition does not go according to plan, two of the three planets are not suitable for life. In addition, a different flow of time in other systems leads to complete frustration. The guys spend several days in space, but in fact they get stuck in it for many Earth years. During this time, Murph manages to grow up, become a man of science and also begins to search for a solution to a global problem.

Explanation of the ending of the movie Interstellar

A series of subsequent events lead Cooper into 5D space, where he is surprised to discover his daughter’s room, where she believes a strange ghost has been constantly visiting, painting patterns in the sand and throwing books off the shelves. The ghost was Cooper. The hero transmits the received information with the necessary coordinates to the daughter. Murph manages to decipher it and solve the riddle. Humanity is saved.

Cooper and Murph meet in the final scene of the film. Cooper is also young, while Murph is an older woman. She is sure that everything worked out thanks to her father, Cooper. Another member of the expedition, Amelia, makes it to the third supposed planet. The planet turns out to be habitable. Amelia is taken to nurture a colony of people. The substrate for this was prepared on Earth and taken on an expedition in case it was not possible to transport people to another planet. Cooper goes to help Amelia.

The film is replete with knowledge from many scientific fields: the theory of relativity, quantum physics, cosmology, robotics. And some explain the plot precisely from the standpoint of science. But hardly many people will be able to fully think about the meaning of the film from this side, since knowledge is specific. And a lot of the scientific details of the movie are pretty hard to understand.

Therefore, speaking about meaning, I want to delve into the other side. In the direction of human relations and feelings. Such as love, hope and faith. Love for Murph gave Cooper the strength not to give up in space and fulfill his mission. Murph’s faith in her dad’s return gave her the strength not to give up on Earth, to keep looking for the answer, not to miss critical signs from Cooper, and to find the answer. The hope of both for a meeting led to such a denouement of events that we saw on the screen.

It would seem that a person is weak and powerless, in the general sense. What are we against space, cataclysms and elements? But due to the fact that there are other people who are not indifferent to us, we are capable of anything! Small deeds and big feats – everything is possible when there is someone somewhere who will not stop waiting for you. And knowledge, craving for it, coupled with love, is the secret of success. From understanding this goosebumps and trembling in the knees, rethinking, reassessment.

Thus, “Interstellar” in an original way is fraught with a deep meaning of all-encompassing love. And this is revealed most clearly in one of the final scenes – the incredible meeting between Cooper and Murph. In addition, you can take out another important meaning from the film. The solution to our problems is only in our hands. And here the scale is not important. Whether it is the solution of the problems of all mankind or the resolution of local issues. From this it is clear that the film also carries a motivating character. Since everything depends on us, it is worth evaluating our activities and, for example, doing something that we wanted to do for a long time, but did not have enough strength!

One moment of the ending remains open. Amelia working on a colony on a new planet. Is Cooper destined to reach her? Will she be successful? After watching a movie like this, I hope so.

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