Hellbound Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

South Korea once again pleases fans of their cinema. Recently, The Squid Game has died down, which has amassed a large fan base. Now the new series Hellbound is out in 2021. So it was created on a topic that is relevant for today’s viewer.

The plot is mystical. Man goes to Hell after death. Before that, an angel appears to him. He tells him when it will happen. When the sinner’s time comes, the demons come for him. They beat him up and then set him on fire. After terrible torment, only a dry, charred body remains. The New Truth sect appears, which sees God’s providence in these events. After all, only sinners go to hell.

Hellbound of Hell series has only six episodes. But the events that take place go far beyond the scope of the series. The plot consists of two phases. The first three episodes tell about what happens to the chairman of the New Truth sect. There is also a certain detective and his daughter. Various things happen to them. Later, the action moves forward four years. A storyline unrelated to the first three episodes appears. But the old characters survived. In the second part, a terrible event occurs. An angel appears before a barely born child and tells him that in three days he will go to hell. This is Exile. The New Truth sect does not understand what is going on. There is no way to explain why the Angel decided to take the baby to hell. After all, the child was just born and innocent. The New Truth sect is under attack. They constantly claimed that they were taken to hell only for sins. But suddenly a baby, who should also be taken there.

Unfortunately, what happened to the baby is a harsh reality. An angel really comes for him. Here the parents stand next to him. Their bodies are burned, but then the Angel does not touch the child. New insights are emerging. After all, the Angel did not touch the child. At the end of the series, Park Chung-ja rises from the world of the dead. Her death, that is, Exile, was broadcast to the whole world. And suddenly she comes back. The New Truth sect may be under new attack. After all, after her incineration, she gained power. Her remains were hidden under glass and they were near the memorial. Suddenly, she gains life by breaking the glass tank where she was.

Explanation of the ending of the movie Hellbound

They say that South Korean cinema has a tradition not to shoot sequels of series. They are limited to only one season. But, for example, in “The Squid Game” there are hints of a continuation of the story. Probably, Hellbound of Hell” will also be continued. However, there is a danger here. Only in European cinema seasons of serials are released annually. But in the Japanese, South Korean sequels, you can take a few years. It even happens that a sequel is possible in a manga or anime. This is quite normal for them. But still, there is hope that such great series as Squid Game, Hellbound will be filmed annually until the very end.

Since the continuation is in question, then you can think about why the Angel chose the baby as an exile in hell. The angel chooses a victim according to unknown criteria. Not all are sinners, otherwise hell would be overflowing. The series shows that wicked people live normal lives. What if it’s not God who decides who to pick up? The theory of divine providence was put forward by the New Truth organization. But in practice, higher powers wanted to take the baby, then for some reason Mrs. Pak was resurrected, but not other worthy characters. Lots of unanswered questions. There are no facts. We only have six episodes. We look forward to continuing.

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