Halloween Kills Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Watching horror films and pictures related to horror allows you to feel a surge of adrenaline in your blood in ordinary life and diversify your usual everyday life. And the picture “Halloween Kills” will provide a lot of unforgettable emotions for connoisseurs of this genre, because it is a direct continuation of the popular remake of John Carpenter’s slasher. The dynamic development of events and the excellent performance of the actors can be considered a guarantee of “experiential” moments for each viewer; such a film will make the evening especially bright and emotional.

Some information about the painting “Halloween Kills”

Being a direct continuation of the Halloween series released in 2018, the picture released on the screens is based on the storyline shown. The film is very generous with murders, so watching it will definitely be accompanied by strong emotions and the release of adrenaline in the body. If the viewer is familiar with the “Halloween” of 2018, then the continuation will be organic and understandable, but some points still require clarification.

The director of the film “Halloween Kills” is also David Gordon Green, and the main character is Michael Myers, who does not stop before another series of murders. The inhabitants of Haddonfield become its victims, and at first glance it seems that the one whom Myers kills is chosen quite by accident. However, everything is not so simple, because the ultimate goal of the maniac is his own old house. Why? Everything is quite simple: it was here that Myers committed his first murder, in the house he stabbed his own sister many years ago.

At first, the audience will be somewhat misled as to the purpose of the Myers murders, because Laurie Strode is convinced that a dangerous killer returned to the town for her sake and after 40 years he intends to attack Laurie. But the unfoundedness of such assumptions is proved by police officer Frank Hawkins: he was able to remember the sequence of terrible events that took place in the already distant 1978. Through reasoning and comparing the facts, the officer finds out that the reason for Myers’ return is the murder of his sister Judith, which occurred in 1963.

The sequence of events in the film

Thriller-horror “Halloween Kills” will be of interest to fans of the genre of horror films with an unpredictable ending. After all, the ending of the picture can rightfully be considered anti-climatic and unexpected. A veiled allusion to the permanent influence and allegory of the presence in the town of Haddonfield of a brutal murderer with found bodies.

But in order to fully understand the final picture and understand how Myers, obeying the crowd and then resurrected thanks to his own will and fortitude, you need to study a little the sequence of events in the horror thriller.

Storyline of Halloween Kills

The complexity of the picture is determined by the presence of several plot directions at once. They develop both in the present and in the past, which makes the film especially dynamic and original. And a large number of minor characters and a slightly modified mythological cycle made it possible to make the action especially fascinating: while watching, you won’t want to be distracted even for a minute!

From the very beginning, it is not the moment of Laurie’s attempt to destroy the dangerous killer of Myers, but the distant past that is shown. That’s when Cameron, Lori’s granddaughter’s boyfriend, cheated on a girl at a party. However, he managed to redeem himself by finding the badly wounded sheriff and actually saving his life. At the same time, the viewer is transported into the past of the policeman, where he witnessed the sad events in the town that took place in 1978. Then, while trying to neutralize the killer, he accidentally kills his own partner.

The writers are now taking the risk of making changes to the canon of the film: it turns out that even then the police manage to arrest the killer. Then the psychiatrist tries to destroy him, but then the policeman intervenes, who to this day blames himself for such a decision.

Further, the viewer will have to switch between several storylines, which complicates the process of perceiving the picture, but also makes viewing more intriguing. As a result, many ups and downs, the inhabitants of the town decide to take the process of finding and neutralizing the most dangerous killer into their own hands.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Halloween Kills”

When the viewer is shown Myers in a burning house, where Laurie managed to set a trap for him, the question arises: how did he manage to survive? It seems that the steel door that was equipped in the basement helped him here, and a team of firefighters who arrived at the scene. However, despite the strength and power of the brave rescue guys, who immediately realized that they were facing a terrible killer, Myers easily dealt with them.

The final shots of the thriller take place on the second floor of the Myers house, where the killer overtakes Karen who has risen there. But questions remain: was she really killed and will Myers remain an immortal killer? The director suggests that Myers has become something more than an ordinary person, and we can expect him to return in the sequel to the film.

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