Fast & Furious Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Fast & Furious franchise is a real mix of various genres: drama, thriller, science fiction, action and, of course, violations of any possible logic. Chapter 9 is no exception in this regard. Of course, to expect something deep and non-standard from the film is simply stupid, it has everything that the audience loves it for: humor, oddities and a complete lack of realism.

But a film cannot exist without a plot, in which case all kinds of structures, the frame, if you understand, collapse. In the new part, it seems that the past of the franchise overtakes Domenic Torreto endlessly and beats him with renewed vigor. It all starts with the fact that our bald superhero decides to start a new life, forget all the past and be alone with his family.

He defeats the evil hacker Cypher and is now resting with his son Brian and wife Letty, but at the happiest moment he meets again with past enemies who do not allow Domenic to feel the life of an ordinary person. The plane carrying the dangerous criminal Cypher was hijacked. The invaders decided to release the criminal. This is the first problem that awaited Torreto, but there were more …

At the beginning of the picture, we see a kind of flashback associated with Torreto’s father. In his youth, he was a participant in popular races, but one day the car did not fit into the turn, and Domenic’s father died in a car accident. It turns out that Torreto’s younger brother, Jacob, may have been involved in the death. He could deliberately ruin the gas tank, because of which the car could explode.

Explanation of the ending of the movie Fast & Furious

As the younger brother of Domenic, Jacob is a professional hitman and a member of the gang that hijacked the plane with Cypher. In addition to all his troubles, he, like any other member of the group, wants to rule the world, in principle there is nothing special and unusual in this. Domenic himself has not communicated with his brother since the moment their father crashed in the race.

Not much time has passed since the 8th part, but Cypher, for example, managed to become stronger and cooler in the new part. Now she has a better command of technology and hacking skills. Although in the last part she was a strong opponent, she knew all the weaknesses and subtleties of the characters of her enemies. You probably remember what efforts the Domenica family had to make to defeat this young girl. But now she’s back!

The film “Furious 9” is literally replete with powerful and cool scenes, they are stuffed with the entire script. Here is a vivid example of one of these scenes: the hero in a car runs across the ice from pursuit, people on motorcycles are catching up with him; at one point, his car goes under the ice, but I manage to save him, because the neighboring friendly car has a hook and a cable. This manifests scope, it is bright and interesting, even if it looks extremely phantasmagoric – but this is the whole Fast and the Furious.

Of course, the Fast and the Furious from the first part has established itself as a spectacular action movie. First of all, spectacular and only then, like an action movie. Logic and realism are violated here, screenwriters often forget about the text and try to cram as many chases, flights, stunts and stuff like that into the script. Whether it’s good or bad – everyone decides for himself, because someone likes such a movie, and to whom it will seem boring and, in fact, meaningless.

But, of course, there is also a share of drama in the cinema. To a greater extent, it manifests itself in the final picture, where there are family scenes. For example, Domenic still puts up with his brother and finally gets the opportunity to be alone with his son and wife. Here the idea is manifested that it is often common morality, family support and love that gives a person the strength to overcome any difficulties, even the most difficult ones. Now smoothly moves on to a more textured discussion of the finale of the film “Fast and the Furious 9”.

Domenic still learns the truth about his father’s death. It turns out that Jacob wasn’t involved, so they reconcile. The family united again and was able to defeat Otto, Cypher ends up leaving with nothing, making his attempt at release a meaningless plot act. True, Jacob has to leave Domenica and start hiding, because now almost the whole world is looking for him.

The character once played by Paul Walker still exists within the universe. At the end of the picture, he drives up in his traditional and already legendary Nissan Skylan. According to the plot of the film, he has not been in the family for a long time, but leaves good connections and relations with them. According to legend, he lives with Mia, raises children and does not know sorrow.

The director of the tape in a recent interview said that at least two more films are yet to be seen by fans of the franchise. There will be Cypher, but she will cease to be the main villain of the film. Rather, it will be an annoying fly, sorry for being straightforward. And who then will be the main evil in the plot? This was shown to us with the help of 1 scene after the credits.

At the end, we are shown the Deckart Show, whose participation in the film was under the strictest confidence, both the director and the actor himself, Jason Statham, were specifically silent about this. In the scene, we see Shaw viciously hitting a punching bag, and then the villain falls from there and gives Dekkarut some important flash drive. Then we see a shadow in front of Shaw, this is the main villain. Who it is, we do not yet know, we see only its outlines. Hopefully, this is a more interesting character than plush Otto!

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