After We Fell Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The first impression of watching After We Fell- the viewer is simply being prepared for the final part of the film adaptation of Anna Todd’s books. The authors of the adaptation of After We Fell do not delve into the co-dependent relationships of the main characters, they are not in a hurry with the development of events. At the same time, the plot creates “juicy” situations and ends with an unexpected twist in the finale. “After We Fall” reveals the rocky relationship between the Young and Scott families. The fact that lovers find out about their loved ones exacerbates their internal conflicts and makes them change their views on a joint future.

Early in their relationship, Tessa and Hardin moved in together and agreed to abide by one rule: no secrets from each other. Therefore, when the father of the heroine appeared on the street in front of them from nowhere, she brought him to their apartment. Tessa forgives her alcoholic dad who abandoned his family 9 years ago. Hardin is at first hostile to Richard, but then they build relationships in the traditional male way – they drink at the Dizzy bar.

When Tessa’s parents meet, a very sensitive circumstance becomes clear: they have never been officially married. They played a fake wedding, took photographs for the family album so that none of the relatives would guess about it. Carol’s partner feared responsibility for the family. Emotionally unstable Hardin, with his aversion to any commitment, seemed to see his shadow in Tessa’s father. He is convulsively against marriage and children, hates both ceremonies and the very idea of ​​​​marriage. For this reason, he does not want to fly to London to his mother, who is getting married again. Trish likes her son’s girlfriend and invites them to the wedding together. However, Hardin is silent about this, he is afraid that his beloved, impressed by the celebration, will begin to dream of a dress with a veil.

Explanation of the ending of the melodramatic film After We Fell

Soon Tessa leaves for Seattle. Mr. Vance, impressed by the intern’s hard work, offered her a prestigious position at his publishing house. The girl could not refuse, but was very upset by Hardin’s refusal to go with her. Long distance relationships are good for them. The guy is bored, jealous of Trevor, begins to comprehend his actions. Tessa wins the “Great Seattle Battle”: Hardin is ready to visit her after her college graduation.

Tessa gets along well with Hardin’s new family, being friends with his half-brother, Gibson Landon. If not for her, the impudent rebel would still not talk to Karen’s father and stepmother. Ken Scott settles the matter of his son’s disciplinary punishment for a fight he started on campus. When he learns about Richard Young’s problems with drugs, he organizes rehabilitation at the clinic. On Scott’s recommendation, Tessa is hired by his longtime friend Christian Vance.

Christian and Kimberly are a family duo that sympathetically relates to the love of the main characters. Vance has known Hardin’s father since college. After Ken and Trish divorced, he supported a friend, helped him fight alcohol cravings. As a family friend, Christian takes part in Hardin’s life. Mother, unable to cope with the blockhead alone, sent him from London to his father. After trouble with his son’s girlfriend Natalie, he was sent to study at Central Washington University, whose rector is Ken Scott.

Christian is a vital and positive person. He instilled in Hardin a love of reading classics and contemporary literature. Vance has not only a major publishing house, but also a popular jazz club. Although Hardin doesn’t like the music or the dress code of the event, he goes to see Professor Soto’s jazz band for Tess. When Tessa fails to rent an apartment in Seattle, Christian and his wife offer her to temporarily live with them. Tessa shares her grudge against Hardin with Kimberly because he hid the invitation to her mother’s wedding from her. Vance convinces the guy of the infidelity of the act, and also takes care of the travel documents for the girl.

Tess is delighted with England and Hempstead, where her lover spent his childhood. Trish cordially meets her son’s girlfriend and introduces her chosen one. Impressive Mike lives in the house next door. Pleasant chores and fun are ahead – the girl believes so. However, the morning of the next day, on which the ceremony is scheduled, turns into Hardin’s tantrum. Complete nonsense is happening in the house, which the guy compares with Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata.

The son accidentally finds his mother in the arms of a man. And it’s not Mike. Shocked that on the eve of the wedding, Trish shares a kiss with Christian, Hardin grabs Tessa and leaves the parental home with her. Before that, he gives Mr. Vance a fair amount of cuffs. In the hassle of leaving London as soon as possible, he does not want to hear any explanations. Tessa barely manages to persuade him to come to a meeting with Christian at the Gabriel bar, where guests gather before the wedding.

Hardin throws insults in the face of his mother’s lover, but suddenly he hears a pulling phrase from her friend: “Is this how they behave with their father?”. The thought that Ken Scott is in Washington is immediately replaced by a hunch: Christian Vance is his biological father. After that, Castile Landon stops the film at the scene of another intercourse between Hardin and Tessa. In order to tell in “After 4” how the disclosure of family secrets affected the relationship of the main characters.

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