The Matrix 4 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Watching movies allows you to plunge into a different reality, feel the experiences of the main characters and enrich their life experiences. And the screened continuation of the world-famous paintings is doubly interesting: knowing the previous events, you can watch the ups and downs and adventures of already familiar characters with even greater pleasure and enthusiasm. Therefore, it is not surprising that the picture “The Matrix: Resurrection” caused a general stir and general interest in his beloved savior Neo, played by the audience’s favorite Keanu Reeves, because with his help in the previous film, a balance was established between human civilization and machines. And now it is possible with no less interest to observe the development of events in the continuation of the picture.

Storyline in the movie

The main characters are already familiar to the viewer, the direction of the plot remains generally the same as in the previous picture. However, The Matrix 4 is more likely to be a film not about world revolutions, but about love. Yes, yes, the love story is also reflected here, because romance is always present in people’s lives, without it our life would lose its meaning.

The premiere of “Resurrection” took place in December this year, causing the expected wave of interest. The main characters were remembered and loved by the viewer, large-scale and spectacular pictures excited the imagination for a long time, so the expectation of continuation was justified.

The opening scene in the new “Matrix” coincides with the plot in which the other Trinity takes part in the battle of agents. A convincing combination of fresh ideas from experienced directors with talented performances by world-famous actors made it possible to continue the world-famous film even with increasing interest from the public. And although in the Matrix trilogy one could see a symbolic image of many things that are relevant to each of us, the main picture has always been precisely love.

Sequence of events

As a result of the sequence of events taking place, Bigz, who is a member of the Resistance, meets with a modal version of Morpheus known to the viewer. By joining forces, they together begin to search for Neo, who is lost in the matrix, in order to free him.

At the same time, the main character, Neo, constantly feeling and seeing failures in the matrix, comparing his own incomprehensible craving for Trinity, who in the picture has the pseudonym Tiffany, understands that there have been some changes in his brain. He begins to doubt the reality he has created.

Neo’s therapist turned out to be a practicing Analyst, who replaced the Architect from the previous parts of the picture, who was overly obsessed with measurements and facts. For the Analyst, the death of Neo proved to be a real opportunity for further research and cutting-edge development. After all, it was during that period that a split occurred in the clan of machines and existing programs, due to an insufficient amount of energy for their normal functioning. As a result, the machines began to wage war among themselves. The analyst used the opportunity to begin the recovery of the bodies of the dead Trinity and Neo, but he has to spend too many resources on his work.

The goal of the Analyst is to introduce a code that will make it easier and more efficient to manipulate the restored bodies of both the main characters Neo and Trinity, and for their more efficient use, it is better to keep the couple closer to each other. However, an important condition for the productive work of the matrix is ​​the impossibility of reuniting Neo and Trinity.

Neo’s elaborate plan is to convince the Analyst, when meeting Trinity at the coffee shop, to give them a chance: if Trinity wants to join and leave with him, then the Analyst should let them go freely. If Trinity refuses, then Neo is ready to return to the capsule again. This scene can be viewed by the viewer as a rethinking of the possibility of choosing the Architect, which was provided in the “Revolution” part. But no less important is the personal choice of the main characters, Neo and Trinity.

Although Trinity initially turned down Neo’s offer, Trinity was able to figure out who she was. She then decides to stay with Neo, and Morpheus and Bugs manage to solve the particularly delicate and delicate task of extracting her mind from her body with the help of Bugs.

Rescuing Trinity with Neo’s help touches on a serious topic of reciprocity. After all, Trinity believed in Neo even in that difficult period when the hero himself ceases to believe in his own strength.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

Explanation of the ending of The Matrix Resurrections. In the last frames of The Matrix 4, the idea of ​​how important it is to return home was invested, and the logical conclusion of the love story allows each viewer to experience elation and joy for the main characters. The final symbolizes the possibility of a new era under the thoughtful and sensitive leadership of Trinity and Neo.

The ending of the picture is full of optimism, a bright hope for a possible commonwealth and fruitful cooperation between people and machines along with programs can be considered the basis for an optimistic look into the future. And pure romanticism based on the connection between Neo and Trinity allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of love and warmth.

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