The Advent Calendar Ending Explained & Film Analysis

What would you do if you had a dangerous calendar in your hands that could grant your wishes, but would demand a bloody price for it?

It is with this situation that the main character of the film, Eve, faces. She is disabled. The girl is paralyzed in the lower part of her body, which makes her unable to move without her wheelchair.

One day, a friend gives her an old wooden calendar with many doors with numbers, and when Eva opens the first one, she immediately finds herself in a game that cannot be stopped without dying.

Explanation of the ending of the horror film The Advent Calendar

The calendar, or rather the demon in it, can fulfill any desire of the girl, but requires a bloody payment in return: the life of her relatives, friends, loved ones (both people and a pet) becomes part of the payment for Eve to be able to walk again.

At first, Eve does not understand that the deaths are due to her, because the first antics of the demon are only that her father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, calls her. But when a man who tried to rape Eve dies, she begins to think that the reason for everything that happens lies in the calendar. At first she thinks that the sweets (every drawer has a candy, and Eve opens it every midnight) contain a drug.

When her employer dies, who spoke unflatteringly about Eve and kicked her out of work, the girl begins to understand that the demon demands payment, you are all perfect miracles. Eve realizes that she cannot stop: the demon will kill her.

On several occasions, Eva receives candy that gives her the ability to walk. She sacrifices her father, her roommate, her dog, her work colleague, her lover (who broke the rule by trying to get rid of the calendar), her friend, and her boyfriend, and doesn’t stop until she can walk again. Eva finds a warning from a previous player on the calendar and writes hers down, telling her whole story.

At the very end of the film, Eva opens the last drawer and is faced with a choice: eat the candy and return everything as it was – no one dies, but she will not walk, or not eat it and walk again.

Her friend, who had already helped her get into the stroller in the pool, throws away the calendar and explains to the girl that nothing is happening, that now she is free and can live on, moving quietly on her own two feet. And Eva makes a choice. She doesn’t eat the candy, not wanting to be wheelchair-bound again. Undoubtedly, this is very selfish, because so many people died because of her, but this is her choice and she will have to live with him.

In the last scene of the film, we see that the same story happens as with the previous owner of the calendar – that man apparently ate the last candy to keep his loved ones alive, and therefore they remained alive. Eva did not do this, but the viewer was never given a clear answer what the demon did to her for making such a choice.

A man with a child in his arms appears at the door of Eve’s house – the new owner of the calendar, and he, who has already seen Eve’s conversion, wants to know how to escape from the demon and what to do with the calendar next.

The finale of the film is open, because of which the viewer can assume two scenarios for the development of events: either Eva and her friend were killed because they broke the rules and got rid of the calendar, or Eva lives a normal life and can walk again.

Judging by the fact that the door opened on its own, luring the guest into pitch darkness, we can conclude that, most likely, it was the first scenario that happened and the demon took Eve and her friend as victims due to violation of the rules.

One of the main themes of the film is the cruelty that a person is able to go for his own benefit. Eve’s victims are deliberately shown as not being too adequate, so that there is less sympathy for them, but murder is murder, and this cannot be denied. Due to the fact that the heroine is disabled, her desire to return her legs causes deep empathy in the viewer, but during the game she begins to go crazy, shows excessive cruelty, stopping at nothing on the way to her goal. In this case, it turns out, according to the meaning of the film, that the end justifies the means.

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  1. Kira

    Couldn‘t be there a third possibility of ending scenario!!?? When the door opens at the very very end I thought for a short moment about if Eva did not become the next —„me“ Dämon … as a Price für her choice perhaps — but I am not sure if the Dämon is a very own fixed personality in that story — then my idea wouldn‘t make any sense xD it was a strange thought going threw my mind in the last seconds of that movie …

  2. Brian

    You’re forgetting the option of her not eating the last candy. Which she could have chosen because that was the final choice. I personally think she didn’t eat it because it took so long for her to answer the door.. maybe she was back in her chair. Either way your 2 final possibilities aren’t possible since she followed the rules and was not killed.