Look Away Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Explanation of the ending of the film Look Away (2018). Feature films with mystical scenes have always attracted the attention of the audience. Indeed, thanks to them, everyone will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of an unsolved mystery, to visit, albeit in virtual reality, the most unusual and sinister places. And the human creature, even today representing a real mystery even for scientists, is especially interesting to each of us. The 2018 Look Away mystical film can deservedly be considered an excellent example of a fascinating psychological thriller with an unusual ending and excellent acting.

What will be discussed in the picture

The story about a teenage girl named Maria will be close to many high school students. Unloved by her own parents, constantly getting poked by her classmates, Maria finds a friend in her own reflection in the mirror. Such a “friend” turns out to be the most reliable, but over time, the girl discovers that he is not at all unrequited, as one might expect from a reflection in the mirror.

Becoming like twins with her reflection, Mary assigns him the role of an evil and dangerous twin, which is confirmed by further events. And one day they change their places in real life, and the reflection begins to fulfill and realize the most unbridled and wild desires and dreams of Mary.

Sequence of events

A young girl, rejected by her own parents, each with their own secrets, is ridiculed and humiliated by her classmates. Maria has only one friend, but later it turns out that she is not as reliable as Maria thought.

One day, the girl notices that her reflection begins to live its own life. Maria makes contact with him, which initially seems to the main character to be an unreal, mystical event. But really, her second, mirror half is a completely independent being. And the reflection of Mary in the mirror offers her help to the heroine, which makes her take a fresh look at many events from her life.

So, for example, when the girl’s father, being an experienced and professional plastic surgeon, offers her an operation to improve her appearance as a gift, Maria perceives such an offer as a concern. The reflection, called Yairam (the name of the girl is the opposite), makes the main character look at this situation differently: the father is ashamed of his own daughter, and he offers her the operation out of pity and a desire to make her a little more attractive. Of course, a girl in adolescence is extremely hard going through such a discovery …

Mary’s mother completely disconnects from reality, taking pills and falling into a sound sleep. She almost completely renounces the life of her own, and her daughter, who does not receive any support in a difficult period for herself. In parallel with Mary’s school life, passions run high, conflicts follow one after another.

In view of the whole situation, the girl accepts the offer of her double from the mirror, and with the help of a kiss, they change places: Maria is inside the mirror, and Yairam is in real reality. Now the double from the mirror realizes everything that Maria herself implicitly dreamed of: she behaves defiantly with her parents, begins to take revenge on her classmates. However, gradually her behavior becomes more and more frightening and dangerous, and the real Mary from the mirror asks Yairam to stop and switch places again.

But it’s not the doppelganger’s plans to give up so easily. She finds the necessary arguments so that Mary still remains inside the mirror and observes all events from there. And her double finds control over Maria’s classmates, and then it’s the turn of the girl’s father. She comes to his work, pretends to be heavily drunk, and undresses in front of him. She asks her father if he could love her if she was disfigured. The father answers in the affirmative, but in response the girl kills him by cutting her father’s throat. Already over her dead and lifeless father, she asks him a question that remains unanswered: “Why could you just love me like that?”

The reason for her such cruel behavior is the fact that at one time Mary’s mother was pregnant with two twins, one of whom was born disfigured. Under pressure from her husband, the mother makes a terrible decision: to euthanize her ugly daughter. And now the mystical double from the mirror, as it were, has returned from that distant time and makes the father answer for his cruel and inhuman decision.

What is the point of the movie’s ending

The final picture: after killing his father, the reflection from the mirror, Yairam, washes his hands in the bathroom and then goes to his mother in the bedroom. She gets into bed with her and hugs the woman.

On the mirror image, the viewer sees that both her daughters are lying in bed with her mother, hugging from both sides. The meaning of the final picture can be twofold: either the spirit of the second twin girl killed in early childhood came to the family, or Maria simply went crazy due to constant personal turmoil. And her brain, unable to cope with the situation, “painted” her double.

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