Adrift Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Open Water 2: Adrift was filmed in 2006. This is one of the scary water disaster movies. Carefree friends have fun on the yacht. They jump into the water to frolic. But they forget to lower the ladder. As a result, they cannot get on the yacht. Now none of them can get on the yacht, which has a very high side.

Movies – disasters about people in the water are popular. It’s probably cheap to take them off. After all, water is everywhere. Imitation can be done in the studio, where there is a wide pool. Although this is a subjective opinion. The film Open Water 2: Adrift is one of those films that will tickle your nerves. After all, the natural elements of our planet can be more terrible than the machete of Jason Voorhees or the magic of Freddy Krueger. Filmed Open Water 2: Adrift in a relatively new era.

After all, 2006 was relatively recent. So the film is quite capable of displaying all colors and effects. The actors are all professional. They play well. They well displayed the characters of cheerful young guys who did not think about anything. Youth makes terrible mistakes sometimes, but, alas, life may not forgive them. The guys did something stupid when they jumped into the water without installing a ladder on the yacht. Now drifting in the water. No one really knows what horrors such people experience before the end. Perhaps there are survivors. But open water is scary.

Explanation of the ending of the film Open Water 2: Adrift

By the way, the film Open Water 2: Adrift, which was released a little earlier, comes to mind. In this tape, a couple of newlyweds in their 30s also ended up in the middle of the ocean. Nobody saved them. They begged for help. But the boat has left. Unlike the heroes of Drift, this was not their fault. After all, they were just diving. But after they emerged from the water, they did not find anyone. Only later did the hotel staff learn that the couple had not returned from the tour. You don’t wish this on anyone. Probably, people do not know exactly what those who find themselves in a similar situation feel. What they talk about, what they worry about. We saw on the screens only the moment when the hotel employee found a clean room and immediately reported it. Then the sailors on the yacht saw that the guys were gone, as well as the equipment. But it was already too late. We only found a camera.

And even at the beginning of the film “Open Sea” you can see the inscription that this is a real story. But how did the characters feel? Throughout the film, the viewer sees how the characters experience being in the water. How they are hunted by a shark, which then ate a man. The girl survived, then just to die in the water from exhaustion. They passionately discuss their situation, quarrel, make up, remember God and do many other things. They see a ship passing by and wave to it.

But they are just grains of sand in the water. Fate severely tormented them before the end. However, this is just the director’s imagination. Maybe it was based on film from a camera. In fact, things could have been much worse. We cannot know what really happened, because both spouses died. But back to the film Open Water 2: Adrift, which was filmed after the “Open Sea”.

Famous, but very young characters play in the film Open Water 2: Adrift. Hence their carelessness. They do reckless things. The characters are realistic. Perhaps Open Water 2: Adrift is also based on the real story of the guys who got into trouble. Sometimes there are doubts about the veracity of what is happening. Really, none of the adult young people guessed to throw the ladder over the side of the yacht? Why was the management of a large yacht entrusted to inexperienced sailors?

After all, a catastrophe could have been avoided if professionals had intervened in the matter. Lots of things not thought out. For example, the guys made a rope to climb on board. But a brave muscular guy climbed up. Which, of course, weighed more than all the other guys. But this was supposed to be done by the most frail kid in the group. But climbed the one who weighed the most. Therefore, nothing happened. Thus, the characters, although realistic, are written with a share of black humor. They are the standard of carelessness inherent in youth. Hence the disaster. The guys were not prepared for the disaster. Couldn’t work as a team.

Therefore, a tragedy happened. They might have been able to organize, but they panicked. And there were no giant fish in the film that love to eat young people. The movie Jaws is a classic. But they weren’t there either. To enhance the effect of horror, there is a baby on board the ship. Careless young parents left him on board. Therefore, panic in the water intensifies, as fear for the child is mixed with it. Gradually, the horror grows. The children are afraid of water. They understand the horror of their position. But there were no predatory fish. As a result, the film is recommended for viewing by those who want to tickle their nerves.

The main thing is to survive – that’s the main thing. Such films will always be popular. Films about ships, liners from which you need to escape are of better quality. Probably, the story of sea adventures in the cinema began a long time ago. However, more or less good special effects can be found in films since the 1970s. It was then that the film “The Adventures of Poseidon” was filmed. About people surviving on the wrecked liner “Poseidon”. A remake was later filmed in 2006. The 1997 Titanic was a phenomenal success. It is also necessary to mention the mystical “Ghost Ship” of 2002. So the film Open Water 2: Adrift has someone to compete with.

But the film closest to him in spirit is Open Water 2: Adrift, shot a little earlier. It remains only to watch and hope that this does not happen in real life. However, such films should not discourage walks on the sea. After all, it is healthy and interesting. But you need to know what happens to those who do not have caution. All the salty taste on the lips and the warm sea!

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