Cruella Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Cruella De Ville is a famous female character. The viewer met this eccentric lady back in the days of the cartoon “101 Dalmatians”. According to the story, this elderly lady had her own atelier for the production of clothes. But she was obsessed with making Dalmatian coats. The whole plot was built around her obsessive desire to get puppies. One of her employees had a family with Dalmatians.

They were an adult male and a female with puppies. Cruella was determined to get them by all means. As a result, the comedy plot was based on the fact that the woman entered into a fight with the family of her employee. The dogs fought back the old witch, and they were also helped by various animals. This story served as the basis for the subsequent series of films, cartoons.

In 2021, the movie “Cruella” was released. Here this eccentric lady is shown as a young girl. The opening scenes even show the character’s youth. As a child, Cruella survived the death of her own mother, who was pushed into the abyss by the Dalmatians. Hence her hatred for dogs of this breed. After some time, the girl decides to run away to the big city. There she meets two boys who decide to take her into their gang.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Cruella”

They decided that the girl would be better among them, so people would trust the criminals more. Now there are three of them. The whole youth of the guys was spent in robberies, theft. Years later, Cruella, as a young woman, discovered her talent as a fashion designer. She got a job in a large atelier, headed by a woman.

Cruella proved to be a good designer and made good money. She was able to create her own brand under the name “Cruella”. Since at work the girl called herself by a different name, no one recognized her under a layer of makeup and in extravagant clothes. So Cruella was able to turn on the ears of the whole city. She nevertheless continued to work for the old clothing atelier. But over time, a real war began between Cruella and the owner of this atelier. Cruella began to actively feast, creating competition for her old mistress.

She drove a truck filled with flyers and scattered them outside the old boss’s office. Then she appeared to her at the ball, dressed in a modest dress. But then her clothes ignited and disappeared. Cruella was left in a red loose and open robe, looking very defiant. This is probably one of the most memorable moments in the film.

The intrigue of the film “Cruella” twists towards the end of the film. It turns out that at that time, many years ago, not the real mother of Cruella died. The girl’s mother was the owner of the studio where she worked. Cruella. It was she who set the Dalmatian dogs on the stepmother of a girl who treated her well. At the end, the girl brings her boss to clean water. They stand on a cliff, near the estate of the female boss. All the employees of the studio, the inhabitants of the estate and other people look at them. The woman admits that Cruella is her child. They hug like mother and daughter. But then the boss throws Cruella off the cliff.

She is immediately arrested by the police. Cruella has thought of everything. She had a backpack with a parachute on her back. It opened up and she survived, landing on her henchman’s boat. After her mother’s arrest, Cruella, as heiress, inherited her estate, naming it Hell’s. So she went from a young naive fashion designer to an eccentric lady that everyone has known since the days of 101 Dalmatians.

And what’s the point of the movie’s ending? The parachute that opened from Cruella’s backpack symbolizes faith in Luck. Even if a person is in a hopeless situation, has no support in life and flies into the abyss, then there is no need to despair. After all, there is always a parachute that can open up and save a person’s life. When a person tries and believes in himself, a parachute of new opportunities will surely open. A person will find a solution in life and find the strength to rise.

Cruella has gone from a homeless girl to a world-famous fashion designer. She ended up becoming a villain because of her desire for Dalmatian skins. But she can be understood, because as a child she saw how these dogs pushed the only loved one into the abyss.

As a result, at the end of the film, you can trace the main idea of ​​the plot. It says that faith in yourself will help you find a better share in life.

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