Explanation of the ending of the anime “Tact Opus. Fate”

And once again, the anime world is waiting for good news. A work has come out that is unlike any other. According to the story, the year is 2047. This is the time when everything changed. And all because of the fact that a dark-colored meteorite fell on the planet. Nature began to rebel. Various terrible events related to the weather began. But it turned out to be nonsense. The meteorite had a strange chemical composition. Because of it, certain substances appeared in the environment.

Therefore, various monsters appeared. They became known as D2. These creatures had the gift of invulnerability. They could easily survive injuries from firearms, steel. They couldn’t be burned. But, strangely, the music easily destroyed these creatures. Here you can draw an analogy with the movie “Mars Attacks!”. At the very end, when the ruthless Martians destroyed people. A handful of survivors took refuge in a nursing home. There was a grandmother of one of the main characters. Her music caused the Martian skulls to explode. As a result, the invaders were defeated. But this anime is not so easy. Monstrous monsters have taken over the Earth.

They turned out to be intelligent and therefore banned any music and devices that play it on the planet. They wrote laws, according to which it was impossible to sing and make music. But there were rebels who were against aliens. They were former musicians, singers. The Symphony group appeared, which consisted of girls who wanted to sing. They could not only sing with their voice, but also with the help of their own body. One of these girls is the main character of this anime. Her name is Umma and she wants to end the aliens. She has a boyfriend who is a musician, conductor. The two decide to work together.

And now the aliens will receive a fitting rebuff. According to the plot of the anime, creatures called music cards are part of the Symphony resistance group. Only they can destroy the aliens who have taken over the Earth. This is the plot of the anime. It combines many European and American genres. This is a road movie or road movie, as well as romance, fantasy, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic and much more. In this film, people find their way to victory over the invaders, overcome themselves. Monsters D2 are not exactly aliens. They were born on Earth, but appeared due to a black meteorite that fell to Earth. The aliens are most afraid of the music that kills them.

As well as beings called musiccards. As mentioned above, the heroine is a girl named Umma. She met a guy who is also an unusual creature called a conductor. These humanoid creatures are able to make contact with music cards, generating music. When people realized that music kills aliens, they created the Symphony organization. Which includes the creatures of the music card, which create music with the body. The heroes of the anime “Tact Opus”, in addition to Umma, are Tact Asahina and Cosette. They are in the rear, where there are no D2 monsters yet. Cosette is an ordinary girl. But this continued until the invasion of D2.

Then it mutates into a Musikart. She loses her identity. Now she is a different being, making music with her body. Her boyfriend Tact Asahina also mutates into a conductor who interacts with the music card. It must be said that everything turned out well for them. After all, they were already together, and now they are even more united.

The new music card that the girl reincarnated as is called Destiny and she begins to suck the strength out of her conductor. In the end, they will both die. The anime is very beautifully shot. After all, good sound engineers were involved. The fact is that every battle is a musical battle. D2 aliens are afraid of music. As a result, the battle is a separate musical performance for the viewer. The conductors run the Musikarts. The outcome of the battle depends on the talent of the latter. However, the music cards are capable of beating without the help of conductors. But in this case, their abilities will be very weak. So symbiosis is necessary for a successful victory.

By the way, one of the characters who fought without the help of a conductor is the Valkyrie. This is one of the main characters of this anime. Each myzikart is able to play a certain melody. They have the greatest fighting ability. They are able to react quickly to everything. They are practically invincible. You can destroy them, but for this, the D2 monsters need to try hard. They are no longer human. Their body crumbles to dust after being defeated. But sometimes there is something interesting there. And here the question arises: is it possible to use such remains in order for another person to become a music card? Or is the musiccart capable of being reborn from these remains on its own?

In some ways, you can compare Tact Opus with the anime Sword Art Online. There, too, battles take place to the music. Among other things, the characters develop. For example, Tact was at the beginning unnecessarily modest, cowardly. But then he changed. He began to fight against monsters D2. He is ready to sacrifice himself in order for music to return to the world, and for this you need to destroy alien monsters. It is worth noting that the anime is the latest – 2021 release. The music cards are of good quality. Battles are decorated with proper special effects. Watch high quality anime.

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