Death Note Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The anime “Death Note” was created in 2006-2008 based on the manga of the same name by the writer and screenwriter Tsugumi Oba, illustrator Takeshi Obata. The untranslatable title of the original “Desu No:to” is a katakana representation of the English Death Note.

Explanation of the ending of the anime “Death Note”

Critics give the following characterization of the series: “about how the God of Death became bored.” That’s for sure, because the authors clearly follow the concept of mantagi with “the world of shinigami and the rules of the notebook.” At the same time, everyone notes that in the screen adaptation there are significant deviations from the plot construction prescribed in the basic 12 tank bans (4 volumes). Omitted a significant number of manga messages, added new episodes, did not show the events of the epilogue. Most questions arise in connection with the variability of the ending, which describes the outcome of the confrontation between two strong personalities: the owner of the Death Note Kira (from the English Killer) and the detective investigating his case, who hid his identity under the pseudonym L.

Anime “Death Note” consists of 37 episodes. The first 25 episodes include part of the manga (up to chapter 59), end with the victory of the insidious villain Yagami Light (Kira) and the death of the brilliant investigator Al Lowlight (L). In the dramatic events of episodes 26-37 (chapters of the manga from 60 to 108), the successors of the deceased detective enter the confrontation with the cunning Kira: Mello (Michael Cal) and Nia (Nate River). Following Al, they took the letter aliases M and N.

Students compete for the right to be heirs to the glory of the teacher, and therefore, in the struggle to expose Light Yagami, they use different methods. Cold-blooded and reasonable avenger N adheres to the law. With the help of the best agents of the CIA and the FBI, he creates an independent organization SPK (Union Against Kira) – Special Provision for Kira (SPK). The reckless and impulsive M is illegible in the methods of fighting crime, works for the result and is ready to cooperate even with the mafia to expose the maniac killer.

In episode 36, the intellectual and “smart” Mello helps unravel the tangle of mysteries with the fake Death Note, but dies due to the fact that during the kidnapping of Kiyomi Tokada, his name is written on a sheet torn from the real notebook. In episode 37, super pro Near manages to come face to face with Light Yagami and kill him in a shootout.

As a result of the cooperation between Near and Mello, they managed to solve the Kira case and expose the perpetrator of the massacres, Light Yagami. Al Lowlight (L) posthumously defeated the opponent, destroying him through his successors M and N. In the finale of the anime “Death Note”, the heir to the talent L did not reveal the identity of Kira to the public, respecting him as a dangerous and intelligent opponent in a difficult and long struggle.

Two sequels to Death Note were released in 2007 and 2009. These are special editions that contain compilations of select anime episodes: “Census: Through the Eyes of God” (episodes 1 to 25) “Census 2: Descendants of L” (last 13 episodes). The second version did not add anything new to the ending. But another name for the first (director’s) version of Araki Tetsuro is quite consistent with the stated one: “Final Exodus”. The two-hour episode retells almost 2/3 of the anime and features an alternate ending to the series. The events that hint at Yagami Light becoming the god of death in the Shinigami world are told through Ryuk’s eyes.

As for the continuations of the manga, they came out in the form of separate episodic chapters and tell the stories of the new owners of Death Note.

The official sequel to Post Series-One Shot is Death Note. After history” (2008).
Two years later, Near is investigating a new case involving C-Kira (Cheap Kira). The imitator of the original killer was nicknamed “Cheap Kira” because he did not kill criminals, but helpless old people who themselves asked him to die. This time in the world of people, the goddess of death, Meadra, wanted to have fun. She dropped the notebook like a Shinigami Ryuk and decided to see what happens. Special monoblock for the manga – New One-Shot Manga (2019).
Events unfold ten years after Light Yagami passed away. Ryuk from the Shinigami world returns to the people. An apple-hungry demon chooses a new owner of the Death Note. But this is a different society, people have a different attitude and behavior. Minora Tanaka does not want to kill those whose name is indicated in the Death Note. He’s going to sell it to the highest bidder. The iconic history of DN continues.

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