Explanation of the ending of the anime “Attack on Titan”

The ending of the anime Attack on Titan took place many years later. A lot of fans don’t like it. Before talking about it, it’s worth talking a little about the world where our heroes operate. The main place is the kingdom of Eldia. The inhabitants of this country suffered from the raids of neighboring kingdoms. Then a girl of royal blood named Ymir Fritz appealed to the power of the original Titan. As a result, she became the first titan of enormous size.

In the form of a titan, the girl fought against the warriors of another kingdom, erected bridges, built houses. She did everything for the good of Eldia. But, unfortunately, she was cursed by the titans. After gaining the original power, a person could live only 13 years. Nothing more and nothing less. After this period of time, Emir Fritz died, and her daughters inherited her power. Their father ordered them to eat their mother’s spine. Thus, the power of the original titan has not gone away.

For many years there has been a war between the titans and ordinary people. There are different heroes among the people who are able to defeat the titans. But, unfortunately, people have not yet been able to defeat the monsters. And finally, there was the end of the story. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time. Based on this story, a manga was written, two films were shot, and an anime series.

The series has a lot of fans. Its creator was Hadhima Isayama. The plot was discussed above, it remains only to add that the titans are trying in every possible way to invade the human world. The Eldians dream of taking over humanity. In general, titanium personifies evil, and people are good. So in this sense, a complete classic. In almost all fantasy works, the main theme is the struggle between light and dark forces. It’s just that the packaging is different. In this case, the theme of the titans, who received their powers from the original people, looks very fresh. Probably, in the distant past, all people were like titans, but then they decreased in size. Now, titans are evil.

The anime and manga show different characters. Among them are quiet heroes who do not take the initiative. There are more active, ready for action. Oddly enough, but “Attack on Titan” is dedicated to freedom. People must be free. They must be able to act, make decisions, only then can the giants be defeated. If the heroes of this work do not have freedom, then they become depersonalized, remain in their roles, not moving forward. Such characters become gray and boring. The viewer does not pay attention to them. Another thing is that the main characters, such as Irene Yeager, have charisma. They are free in their decisions, they act actively.

They are shocked by their actions. Indeed, all the main characters make quick and unconventional decisions. So they win in difficult situations. As for the titans, they don’t look pretty. In the movie, the simple average titans looked like humans. They didn’t have aggression. There was no evil in their faces. They were just naked people of enormous size. Yes, they could grab a person and easily eat him. At the same time, the giants smiled and made happy sounds. Here you need to ask yourself a question: how do most ordinary people behave with insects in the forest? Simply crushes them or, at best, ignores them. And if the intellect is childish? Then, of course, for the sake of interest, you can hunt these small creatures. And if a fly or even a wasp flies into the house? She is simply crushed with a fly swatter.

So, according to the movie, you shouldn’t really blame the titans for attacking people. For them, it’s just some kind of insects. Which. however, are dangerous. But the titans from the movie have very low intelligence. In general, unlike movies, in anime and manga, titans look more like monsters with glowing eyes and a terrible mouth. They really are pure evil. If in the film you sympathize a little with them, then in the anime and manga the titans do not cause any sympathy and you just want them all to be killed.

These are monsters like dragons, lizards and other terrible creatures. Therefore, you sympathize only with living people. Who are ready to fight the titans until their last breath. No anime viewer or manga reader wants the Titans to win. Evil must be punished.

And how did the terrible, but interesting story of the struggle between titans and people end? In the end, the people won. The main villain gave his powers, which allowed him to turn into a huge titan. His second personality, that huge monster, was simply destroyed. Now there is no longer that huge giant who inspired fear in everyone. People, at the cost of huge sacrifices, were able to close up a hole in the wall. Now medium titans cannot penetrate the wall. It remains to fear only the huge titans. But they may appear. The Titans dreamed of entering the people at any cost. They wanted to get through the wall, but they didn’t succeed. The people were able to win.

What if this is a metaphor for a well-known proverb? Let’s remember it: fear has big eyes. In addition, having overcome the horror of the titans, people found their weak spot in the back and learned how to hit them there. So another moral of the movie is that you need to look for ways to get out, regardless of the complexity of the task. And it doesn’t matter how many obstacles lie ahead. As for the titans, they simply did not have the intelligence to become one team and act together. This is what ruined them. It remains only to watch the amazing movie “Attack on Titan” and the anime of the same name. Also read manga.

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